Why a Fountain is Good for Your Home and Business

Singapore landmark Merlion

From practicality to identity, the purpose of water fountains has evolved throughout history.

During the Ancient Roman period, it served as a vessel for both drinking water and bathwater. The fountains of this time were found on the streets for public consumption, and within the homes of the wealthy. In a typical Roman fashion, these fountains were designed intricately with ornamental details. It began the concept of making art out of these structures.

Nowadays, different cities in the world are known for their landmarks such as their fountains. For instance, the Trevi Fountain in Italy. Myths and beliefs have lived on within its waters. It is said that to guarantee your return trip to Rome, you must toss a coin over your shoulder. The small fountain on the left side, on the other hand, will grant a couple everlasting faithfulness once the water is drank together.

It appears that legends and stories from these structures will never die anytime soon, as decorative fountains have found a place in our cities and culture. Most certainly, they have found a place in personal properties like homes and businesses.

Constructing a fountain is not easy. From acquiring fountain waterproofing products to finding a reliable water source, it will require the hands of professionals. Despite that, here are three reasons why it pays to have a fountain in your property:

Feng shui

Water is among the five elements of feng shui. Of course, not all believe in feng shui, but even non-Chinese entrepreneurs believe it wouldn’t hurt to try.

According to feng shui, water is an element that can bring wealth and prosperity. Since water is nourishing, it can enrich your home and business by providing abundance. The flowing water symbolizes income coming in while the accumulation of water symbolizes a collection of assets in the form of companies and businesses. This makes the fountain a popular energy source of the water element. Not only can it increase the flow of income, but it can also keep the positive energy flowing.


water fountain

Having a fountain can instantly make a place appear grander because it is often associated with affluence.

Some owners prefer to have aquatic and semi-aquatic plants on the fountain, as well as koi fish if the fountain is large enough for them to swim. It is a beautiful way of adding nature to your home and business.

Because of the water’s reflective quality, it can make any space appear bigger, similar to placing huge mirror on the wall. To take advantage of this characteristic, opt for a dark material for its foundation and utilize the play of lights at night. However, nothing beats the view of a fountain after the rain, when a slice of the rainbow appears right onto your property.


The sound of the water flowing is calming to the body. Placing a fountain on your home and business can add a serene area to the otherwise busy establishments. To let the fountain have cooling and blissful effect, use clean water. In the evening, adding music and lights, similar to a spa, can help relieve the stress acquired during the day.

When you have a fountain on your property, you also have a piece of art, serenity, and perhaps, even luck on your side.