When in Brisbane: Cuisine Choices for You

Cuisine Choices for You

Cuisine Choices for YouBrisbane offers a wide array of Asian-inspired food and beverages as well as classic Italian dishes. If you’re looking for date ideas with your romantic partner or lunch options with your office friends, here are the popular cuisines you should try out.


If you’re craving for fried rice, chow mien, or good old vegetables sautéed in soy sauce and fresh herbs and seasonings, Chinese takeaway should be your friend. You can order dim sum and beef wonton soup in any one of the Chinese restaurants in your locale, like Peng-You.com.au. The best Chinese restaurant in Brisbane will always have cold cuts, tofu, and fresh tea for you.


Who doesn’t salivate at the thought of delicately fried tempura, flavourful ramen, and tenderly assembled sushi? Japanese cuisine is popular in Brisbane, too, of course. You can visit Wagaya, Sono, or Mizu and feast on plates of maki, gyoza, and wagyu steak. Get a cold bottle of sake and your day is complete.


Those who prefer strong, spicy food can take an adventure in Spice of India, Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine, and a host of other Indian pubs in Brisbane. You can try chicken tandoori, naan, and chapati, and then get biryani, samosa or various paneer dishes the next day. Like China, India is also an exporter of tea. You can try the aromatic masala chai or even go for the sweet, milky Indian filter coffee at the end of your work day.


If Indian food is too much for your delicate tongue, try Thai. Chai, Morningside Thai Restaurant, and a host of other Thai eateries will fill your mouth with all the five flavours. You can have pad Thai and then go for street food and traditional Thai desserts such as coconut-rice pancakes and steamed rice cakes. The Thai milk tea game is strong, too, so you should get a tall glass at your next visit.


Asian-inspired cuisine may dominate the Brisbane food business, but Italian food will never be behind anywhere. Go to Kookaburra or Earth “N” Sea and satisfy your pizza and pasta craving the right way. Any dish with good old tomatoes, basil, and cheese will go well with the strong espresso that every Italian is proud of.

No matter where you live in Brisbane, there will always be the best restaurant around the corner. Explore your city and share your findings online to boost your local food business.

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