What to Keep in Mind During a Clinical Trial

clinical trial written on the tablet

Clinical trials are usually a huge help in lots of communities. These clinics usually help people who’ve had little to no success when it comes to traditional medicine and most of the time, they give hope to these people. However, before joining a clinical trial, you have to make sure that you know what’s in it for you. Here, we will discuss the things that you should keep in mind before going to a medical research clinic in Miami or anywhere else.

Ask Questions

Never be scared to ask lots of questions before finally signing on that dotted line. You have every right to ask these questions, as this is your health and your body that we are talking about. You should write all of the questions that you have in mind before entering the clinic. List down even the tiniest inquiry that you have in mind and have the doctors and the ones leading the research answer it for you. If they tell you that you cannot ask any questions, then respectfully turn down the offer.

There Will Be Lots of Paperwork

Most clinical trials are offered free of charge, which means that you would have to sign lots of papers before proceeding with the trial. Additionally, they would also have to document every single detail about the tests, as this is most probably the first few times that they are conducting such exams. Do not be put off by the paperwork and expect to sign a couple as soon as you go in. It is also important to read all of the terms written in those papers so you’d know what’s really in it for you.

portrait of a doctor in the hospital

Be Prepared

These trials usually take a lot of time, so make sure to have someone accompany you. They might ask you to stay at the clinic or the hospital for a few hours or even a few days, so make sure that your loved ones can visit you during visitation hours. You should also take everything that you need with you: clothes, books to keep you entertained, your laptop, phone, and even something to drink and eat.

Write Everything Down

Since this is a trial, it would be best if you can jot everything that’s happening on a diary. Always keep this with you so you can write down everything that’s happening during the trial. You should also write about the things that you are feeling and what you are going through during this phase. Your team of doctors would most likely want to know what you are experiencing during the trial, as this will give them a good look at how the trial is beneficial for you.

Clinical trials can be a little bit intimidating, which is why it is important to have a hand to hold if you feel nervous or anxious about it. Remember to trust the doctors and the whole team, as they will never let anything bad happen to you during the course of the trial.