What Life is Like for People with Eating Disorder

Unhappy Teenage Girl Sitting On Floor Looking At Bathroom Scales

Many of you are probably familiar with eating disorders. But how well do you truly understand this condition more than its textbook definition? The truth is, society needs to be more aware of the severity of this problem. As the number of people suffering from it continues to rise, the public has to be more knowledgeable about it.

To have a better understanding of this condition, it pays to find out what patients have to deal with. Here’s a list to help summarize what people with an eating disorder have to go through every day:

It’s Like You’re at War with Yourself

People who are suffering from this eating disorder have to argue on what to do next. The thought of eating can be exhausting. One moment you’ve made up your mind about it, it could suddenly change to another. The moment you think about food, your mind will be swirling with tons of negative ideas. Simply put, you are not in control of how you think about food or eating.

You Can Never Think of Food the Same Way Again

Normally, people would relate food with nourishment and energy source. With those who have eating disorders, it’s a completely different thing. For them, food can bring anxiety and makes them conscious of a lot of things. No matter how hard they fight off this idea, the numbers on the scale, the calories, and body image would always win.

They Look at Their Body in a Different Way

No matter how you tell them they look okay, you need to work harder to convince them. People who suffer from this condition have a serious body image issue. S,o you need patience when dealing with them. They have a skewed idea of what’s okay. If you notice, a binge eating disorder recovery program often comes with psychiatric assistance. This condition is deeply rooted in their mind, prior to their physical appearance. For them, seeing the weighing scale and their reflection can be devastating. That’s why you need to be more sensitive when talking to them.

They Feel Lonely, Afraid, and Unworthy

Woman feeling lonely

People who have an eating disorder often struggle to find something they’re proud of. When you ask them to describe themselves, they’ll likely list down all the things they hate about themselves. You can motivate and encourage them as much as you want, but it might never work. That is why you need to help them overcome this condition. The only way to do that is to get the help of a professional. The least you can do is to stay by their side until they’re all fine and better.

It will be difficult to put yourself into the shoes of a person with an eating disorder. Hopefully, the things you’ve learned here have enlightened you about this condition. If you happen to know someone suffering from this, try to be more understanding of them. Give them the support they need so they can live a healthier and better life.