Types of Non-Invasive Treatments for Skin Tightening

facial treatments at the beauty salon

The push toward healthy living has seen many people lose weight. This is commendable and often something to be proud of. The satisfaction you reap from your weight loss will nonetheless be short-lived when you realize the amount of sagging skin you are left with. Unfortunately, no amount of exercise and diet will tighten your skin. Sagging skin is also a common issue in aging and sometimes after undergoing cosmetic procedures to enhance your body’s appearance.

Coolsculpting by a Salt Lake City-based cosmetic surgeon, for instance, might leave you with sagging skin in the areas where the fat has melted when not combined with other treatments. When people hear of a cosmetic surgeon, they assume the procedures offered are only aesthetic and thus things they can do without.

The self-esteem issues caused by sagging skin along with the expenses that come with dressing your body to conceal this skin will nonetheless have a considerable impact on your physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Here are the non-invasive procedures that will prove effective for tightening your skin.

Ultrasound Treatment

This option will use focused ultrasound energy to heat the skin at specified locations and depths. In so doing, the energy will induce the production of collagen to firm your skin. Ultrasound therapy is used for skin tightening around the chest, neck, brow, and chin to treat the initial signs of aging around the neck and face. Ultrasound therapy can postpone your need for a facelift procedure and takes 30-90 minutes. There might be some discomfort during the delivery of the ultrasound energy, but this is, fortunately, only transient.

Radiofrequency Treatment

This also uses energy to heat your skin and induce collagen production that firms it. Unlike ultrasound therapy, however, radiofrequency treatment centers on your skin’s epidermal layer to get a smooth and firm appearance. This treatment option can be used on the hands, neck, body, and face and has no downtimes or discomfort. Radiofrequency treatment is used on all skin types. Its results appear gradually, and you will need 2–6 sessions for optimal results.

IPL/RF Combination Treatment

This combines radiofrequency and intense pulsed light treatments. It heats your deep skin layers to induce the natural body healing process that will, in turn, trigger the production of collagen. Intense pulsed light in this instance will treat multiple skin layers and focus the radiofrequency energy. You will need several session of IPL/RF treatments for the best results. This procedure is ideally used on tanned or dark skin.

Dermal Fillers

Woman gets an injection in her face

These are injectables used just below your skin’s upper layer. They restore the volume of your skin and in so doing smooth sagging skin. They contain hyaluronic acid that resembles the naturally occurring fluid in body tissues. The effect of dermal fillers is unfortunately short-lived, and you will need periodic injections to keep looking good.

The above options for firming your sagging skin can nowadays be handled in various spas and even in your home by some clinics. Before settling on a service provider for any of the above skin tightening treatments ensure the clinic is certified and the one offering it is licensed. This way, your procedure is side-effect-free and delivers the results it purports.