What Does Your Storefront Say About Your Business?


Does your business look attractive enough on the outside? Besides the location, the exterior look and design of your restaurant or store matter more than you think, as it is what attracts customers to your business because your exterior design is the first thing they see.

Do you have enough parking space and do they know it?

As your business grows, so does your customer base. And not everyone who will come to your place is from within the area; some will be arriving by vehicle, so having ample and proper parking space is important in order to attract new and keep old customers.

Parking lot paving is a wise and practical investment as it has many returns: it will update your storefront and parking facilities, as well as provide ease and comfort for your customers. Adding customer convenience to your business, like proper and enough parking spaces, can drive more traffic to your store and get more customers through your door simply because going to your store to shop is more convenient because parking is easy and they can just walk right in, and shop or dine worry-free.

Does your storefront have a welcoming feel to it?

woman entering a store

Another way to attract your new customers and reward your existing customers is by making your storefront beautiful and welcoming. Increase your storefront’s curbside appeal by creating a warm and inviting façade and exterior design. Designing your outdoors is just as important as designing your indoors. If your storefront looks polished and inviting, chances are you’ll attract new customers, and they’ll keep coming back for sure.

Clean and painted walls, clean glass walls, windows, and doors, as well as having a row of plants and small trees in planters located on either side of a doorway, and an awning that goes well with the overall design of your storefront, are just some of the ways to create an inviting and appealing storefront. This part of your store is the first thing that your customers see, so it is important to make sure it is clean and appealing because it’s one of the things that can keep them coming back to you.

Are your signs noticeable, and do they stand out from a sea of signs?

Last but not least, having proper signage is important in ensuring your business’ visibility. In a row full of shops and mercantile, how can you make yours stand out or at least noticeable? It all depends on your signage. The size, shape, color, and material must always be considered when designing a storefront sign. Use colors that have a bright and cheery tone.

You can play with shapes but ensure it is the right size so that it is visible even from afar; there’s fluorescent, LED, or even neon lighting to create unique signage that will definitely be a standout in the crowd of storefront signages. You can even add signs that mention customer conveniences like “open until…” and “parking slots available” to attract more customers.

Glass walls can be decorated with doodles of what they can find in your store; things that trigger a need or an idea of relaxation and comfort, like a simple doodle of the word “coffee”, with an accompaniment of a really cute drawing of a cute hot cup of coffee on a really cute saucer, waiting to be picked up and consumed. Signage is the equivalent of an invite; it has to be impactful and creative enough to attract attention and lead customers to you.

Suffice to say that your place of business’ external design is just as important as its interior design. Its outer appearance should give customers an idea of what it’s like inside your store, so it is important to focus on conveniences that you can add and give importance to how your storefront looks like because these are the things that make you stand out and help attract customers, too.