New Home, New Lifestyle: Top Tips for a Clutter-Free Relocation

pile of boxes on the wooden floor

Minimalism has been gaining popularity in recent years. The art of decluttering has inspired people all over the world to embrace the thought of having fewer possessions and living a simpler lifestyle. This applies to different aspects of life, including moving into a new home.

The concept of moving into a new property can feel overwhelming. It can get you confused about the things to bring, dispose of, or donate. You may also find it difficult to decide what to prioritise. Do you need to buy a new set of kitchen appliances for your new home in Melbourne, Australia? Do you need to build a huge walk-in closet? Should you bring all your old clothes?

These are only some of the questions that you need to think about before your relocation. If you want to start your minimalist journey, you need to get more information about the basics of living a minimalistic life. For starters, here are a few essential tips.

Start by decluttering things

Although this process can be difficult, you need to be firm about decluttering things. Sort through your stuff and decide which ones are worth keeping. This can be tricky because there are certain items that may be difficult to let go of. To make the process easier, think whether you will use a certain item on a regular basis or not. If you pick up some tools or utensils that you seldom use, you can either sell or donate it.

Keep everything organised

One effective method to stay organised while decluttering is to make use of labelled boxes. You can use a marker and write categories for each box, such as books, kitchen supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. This process will prevent further clutter while you are sorting all your stuff.

Avoid shopping for new stuff

It can be tempting to purchase new stuff, such as a living room set or new bed sheets and pillows. Avoid doing this right away, though. Keep in mind that you can use clothes, furniture, tools, and other items that you already own. Try spending some time living in your new home first. Then, determine if it is indeed essential to buy the things that you want to have for your property.

Get temporary storage if needed

empty storage

Sentimental items can be difficult to let go of. But, you need to avoid keeping every sentimental item because they will only add to your new home’s clutter. If you are having a hard time deciding, you can consider getting temporary storage for these items while you are busy with the move-in process. Store all the old items, gifts, and other stuff that you find valuable on this storage space. After moving in, you can get back to sorting out through these items.

Completely embracing the minimalist lifestyle during the move-in day can be difficult and overwhelming. But, it is the easiest method to begin your journey in being a minimalist. Do not forget to continue the decluttering process in all aspects of your life. You can consult a professional to help you gain more understanding of the process of tidying up.