The Way to Healthy Teeth

healthy teeth

healthy teethOver the years, taking care of one’s teeth is the subject of much discussion. From regularly brushing it to visiting your dentist every six months, most of us grew up with an understanding of proper oral care.

With the changing times, however, some of these practices have become outdated. That being the case, professionals in Perth like the Strand Dental Centre recommend the following rules if you are committed to ensuring that you do not undergo any dental surgery:

1. Use an Electric Toothbrush

Most electric toothbrushes come with brush heads that cover a greater area of the tooth’s surface. They can also reach the spaces in between your teeth compared to a traditional toothbrush.

2. Use Water Jets instead of Flossing

Dentists recommend water jets using high-pressure water, which dislodges plaque or food particles between the teeth. According to recent studies, combining this with electric brushes greatly reduces the risk of a plaque buildup as well as the formation of cavities.

3. Look for an Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

A mouthwash not only ensures that you have fresh breath, it is also great for controlling bacterial growth within the oral cavity. Steer clear of alcohol-based ones as alcohol has the tendency to dry the mouth. Alongside the proliferation of bacteria in a dry mouth, this could lead to gum irritation as well as a number of serious oral problems.

4. Try Teeth Whitening

Over time, you can notice that your teeth would get yellowish. This may be a result of food or a medication. People address stained teeth using bleacher trays, or undergoing laser teeth whitening procedures.

A couple of age-old practices, of course, still remains. Some of these include visiting the dentist on a regular basis, and making sure that you change your toothbrush once the bristles are out of shape, or once at least every two months.

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