Waste Not, Want Not: Recycling Car Parts Helps Nature

Car Parts

Car PartsIn automobile manufacturing, you need to transport metal parts from mining camps to assembly areas. Then, you move these components to vehicle plants where they will be finished for display at auto trading shops. This process uses non-renewable fossil fuels, releasing greenhouse gases that hurt nature.

The more you reuse auto parts, the less natural resources and energy you use. Thus, auto recycling is good for the environment.

Solving the Metal Waste Concern

In 2009, 17.5% of the collected waste on Clean Up Australia Day was metal junk. This shows the country’s ecological problem on metal construction. In fact, the building, storage and transportation industries use about 450,000 tonnes of aluminium metal.

In connection to this, abandoned vehicles cause nature’s destruction in many ways. Chemicals in batteries, oils and other liquid substances are poisonous. When thrown in the water, they are harmful for both people and animals. Also, highly combustible metal pieces left near trees and plants can lead to fires spreading all over the woods.

Recycling these old automobiles and metal litters will prevent extra water pollution in dump areas.

Steel is actually the number one recycled item in the world. Recycle it as many times as you want; the quality of the end product remains. Moreover, recycled steel uses only 25% of the energy consumed in producing new steel.

You will not spend anything on taking them to a waste management site, but you will help the environment by reusing parts instead of buying new ones.

Battery Recycling

JTW Autoparts and other car wreckers in Perth say that you can recycle 98% of a car. Reusing battery elements supports this information.

The sulphuric acid in old batteries is changed into sodium sulphate. Once recycled, it can be used to produce clothing cleansers, fertilisers and glass. Similarly, polypropylene casings and covers are turned into little parts used in trash bins and plant jars.

You treat the environment right when you recycle metal and reuse auto parts.

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