Unusual Ways to Save on Gas

at a gas stationAlthough the gas prices are on a steady decline at the moment, it still pays to be a little thriftier with the way you consume your car’s fuel. But of course, we have all heard of common tips, such as going easy on the accelerator or keeping the tire’s air pressure at the right levels. Fortunately, those things are not the only tricks in the bag. There are more unusual ways that you can save on your fuel consumption and enjoy better gas mileage.

Learn filling up tricks

When you want to save on gas, you better observe these tricks when filling up your car.

First, choose the right time when to fill up your car. Basic chemistry tells us that it’s more economical to gas up when it’s cold outside. Gas is denser when the temperature is lower – and because gas pumps measure the volume, not the density, of your fuel, you get better gas mileage for your money.

It’s also important that you don’t top off when filling up. Most people like rounding up gas purchases, but this opens you to being short changed. Gas pumps don’t deliver enough pressure to supply you with the exact amount of gas in short bursts.

Other basic filling up tricks include tightening your gas cap and tilting the nozzle before you remove it from your tank.

Use air to your advantage

Licensed Mazda dealers say that cars don’t run on gas alone; it also runs on air. Installing high airflow filters in your car improves efficiency by a great margin. When you have a customized air intake and exhaust system, you optimize your car to run a few more miles per gallon.

Park in the shade

Where you park plays a role on how much gas you consume. When you park in the shade, you keep your car cooler. As a result, the gas stays denser and stays liquid in your tank (gas evaporates under the sun). Moreover, you wouldn’t have to blast up the air conditioner (which consumes quite an amount of gas) when it’s cool enough.

When you use these easy tricks, you can save a lot of dollars on a yearly basis.

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