Understanding the Bond Between Dogs and Humans

Dogs and Humans

Having a bond with a dog is unlike any other. Compared to making a bond with another human, the relationship that you build with a dog will last you a lifetime.

Since dogs became domesticated, they have drawn people’s attention, and vice versa. Since then, dogs have become a part of every society. They are there when it comes to keeping vermin away. They serve the police and the military. Some dogs are also trained to assist the disabled and be loyal companions for pet lovers.

In turn, humans provide them with the right care and companionship that they deserve. But where and how did it all start?

Looking back at the domestication of dogs

The evidence of the relationship between dogs and humans goes back to the prehistoric era. Back then, people did not know anything about genes and how it works. All they knew was that there were a couple of midsize scavengers with long muzzles that keep on following them around their campfires. They welcomed these animals and eventually called them dogs.

The transition of some wolves into the dogs that we know today began 100,000 years ago. Some believe that humans went out to further domesticate dogs by breeding them because of their traits. But regardless of how it started, the bond between canines and humans blossomed. Time strengthened their relationship and will likely grow even more.

The relationship between dogs and humans

One of the most precious things that the relationship between humans and dogs offer is companionship. But that is only a part of the many benefits that dogs can provide to a person. Aside from friendship, dogs can help alleviate stress, lower blood pressure, and even keep their owners active.

Dogs also take part in keeping our society in order. Some canines serve as aids to those who have physical or mental disabilities. Meanwhile, there are those who work in search and rescue operations, while others protect the society from danger by sniffing out threats. Even the dogs found in houses can go to a dog boot camp in Utah and train to defend your home.

In return, dogs get all the care that they need to thrive. Responsible dog owners provide dogs with their basic needs, such as food and shelter.

Creating a strong bond with dogs

The bond that you have with your dogs starts the moment that you pick them up from the store. Getting involved in activities together with your dogs is an excellent way to create a bond with them. Some of the activities that you can do are exercises. It can be as simple as running or walking together.

The bond between dogs and humans is precious. That is why it is crucial to strengthen and preserve the relationship by being present with one another. Doing so benefits both their health and well-being. There are many other ways you can spend time with your dogs. The important thing is that you genuinely care for them so that your relationship will thrive.