How To Win The Battle Against Rat Infestation / Controlling The Rat Population In Your Home

Rat Population In Your Home

Rats often thrive in places where people live. They usually prefer to live around areas where they can gain access to food and grains easily.

If you notice rats living in your area, then it’s best to take the necessary steps that get them away from your home. Remember that moves can move in and out of building quickly. So, any actions that your neighbors will take to control the rat population will only encourage them to move into nearby houses.

One step that you need to take is to learn how to stop rats from entering your house. But where do you start?

Controlling the rat population

The sooner that you know if rats have entered the room, the easier that you can get rid of them. So, before you call an exterminator in Lowell, Ma, you first need to try listening for any scurrying or gnawing sounds. The New York State Department of Health says that you should turn on the lights in the basement and try to look for any gnawing or scurrying sounds when it’s quiet. There’s a considerable chance that rats are nearby and are trying are already roaming around the area.

Next, moved all the stored furniture and materials so you can uncover any of their hiding places. Rats often build their nests in boxes or old furniture. So, there’s a good chance that you can find their nests in any of the stored materials. You can also try to look at any packaged goods or windows. It’s also advisable to check the electrical cords for any tooth marks or spots.

If there aren’t any signs of nests on the boxes, you can try looking for freshly dug earth near the holes surround the walls and foundations. You can also try to look at the floors, sidewalks, and platforms. Also, check the food supply for droppings. Fresh rat droppings are usually dark and soft. But after a few hours, their droppings turn hard and brittle.

You can also sprinkle flour around your kitchen to see if you can catch any tail marks or pawprints. Place a small quantity of the food as a bait so you can check if any rats will come and get it.

Consequences of drug infestation

Rats are only some of the most damaging rodents in the country. Not only do they eat food, but they also contaminate it and even damage structures. It can also transmit diseases to humans and animals alike.

Experts from the University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources say that rats can damage wooden structures such as corners and wall materials. They can also tear up the ceilings and wall insulations to build their nests.

Learning as much as you can about rat’s infestation is crucial to control their population. If you notice any signs of rats living in your house, then it’s best to ensure that you keep everything sanitized. Good housekeeping is still the best way to repel these rats from infesting your home. If all else fail, then calling an exterminator is the best option.