Understand the Types of Materials Available for a Garage Door

Industrial garage doorGarage doors have evolved to become an essential component of the exterior finishing of a home. There is a broad range of quality, materials, and styles to choose when it comes to modern commercial garage doors in Salt Lake City. The four main types of garage doors include doors that swing up, roll up, swing out and slide to the side. Before settling on the material for your door, you need to consider your climatic conditions, lifestyle and budget. Here are some materials you should consider.

Stainless Steel

Steel doors are one of the most popular options because they have a reasonable price, are low-maintenance, durable and are available in a variety of styles. Top quality steel doors are at least 24 gauge steel and are filled with foam insulation. Galvanized steel resists rust and requires less repainting compared to other materials.


Aluminum is the best material for full double doors as it is lightweight. While it is cheaper than steel, aluminum is more prone to dents. The material does not rust and does well where the environment is corrosive. It is, therefore, a good option in coastal climates. The material can be insulated and made dent resistant at an increased cost.


Fiberglass is a more durable option compared to wood and resists warping. The panels are lightweight but more resistant to dents compared to thin metal. Fiberglass can withstand moisture and insects. The material is resistant to effects of salt air making it ideal for ocean climates. It is, however, a poor insulator and breaks relatively easily in cold climates. Wooden and wood composite garage doors offer an aesthetic appeal and are the lowest priced but require regular maintenance. Wood composite is lighter in weight compared to wood and is relatively cheaper. Consult an expert in Salt Lake City to offer advice on the best material for your commercial garage door.