Three Common Kinds of Water Heater Problems That Indicate the Need for Repairs

Water heater systemSometimes, we take for granted hot water supply within your home — up until something is amiss. Water heaters, especially modern models, are durable and resilient. Even so, appliances are still susceptible to malfunctions because of either internal or external elements. Below are three typical water heater problems explained by Expert Plumbing, Heating, Air and Electrical, a water heater repair authority in Orem.

Damaged Dip Ducts

The dip hoses carry water in its fresh and cold state from your main supply into your water heater tank. It goes through the bottom of the tank where energy transfers from the ignition jets to the heat exchanger. When the water is warm enough, it rises to the top of the reservoir. What if happens in the case of broken dip tubes? Cold water would accumulate at the top of the tank, creating a decrease in hot water supply.

Faulty Burner

Another common problem is a faulty stove. This is often seen mainly in water heaters that are gas-powered. In case the heater rusts off or becomes dirty, problems with ignition may occur. What happens is that the gas follow will be low, calculating to a decrease in the heating potential of your unit.

Failed Heating Elements

Electricity powers the majority of modern water heaters. They contain two elements used for heating the water within the tank. If one element burns out, then you are likely to get lukewarm water. If both parts have failed, then the water supply from your showerheads and taps will be cold.

Water heater tanks are no longer a luxury. They are a necessity in every modern home. And when they malfunction, you can only expect inconvenience and discomfort with your daily tasks. Because of this, regularly inspecting your tanks or heating systems is always important. This could catch potential concerns, which you can address early on.