Top Ways to Become More Organized in the Workplace

Office desk

There is a theory that divides people into two types: type A and type B. The former is described to be ambitious and highly organized while the latter is said to a bit more laid back and aren’t as conscious of time management.

It is easy to place yourself on any side of the dichotomy, but generally, organizing does not come naturally to everyone.

For those who want to be more organized at work, leveling up their organizing skills can range from fixing your desk to setting up a cloud-based document management system.

Organizing can also do wonders for your efficiency and productivity. Tasks can be done quicker and with higher quality when your things are not cluttered.

Here are a few tips that will help you sharpen those organization skills:

1. Declutter your desk

Your workspace can affect your mood, as well as your productivity. A desk that is filled with objects that do not contribute to your overall output can only slow your pace down.

Non-essentials are anything that you might not have used for over half a year. Deciding to get rid of these objects does not mean you need to get rid of all your decorative items or objects that you use either for relaxing or fun (such as stress balls)

2. Manage your digital workspace

Of course, now that you are done with your desk, it is time to move on to where you probably spend most of your office hours on—your computer. Work emails can fill up quite quickly. Sometimes, the anxiety from an inbox that is full of unread emails can keep someone from doing something productive.

Making categories for your work email and spamming mail from subscriptions can clean out your inbox by filtering out the useless ones and keeping the urgent ones. Files and documents can also start filling up folders on your desk until it starts becoming annoying to the eyes. A desktop screen that looks like it is only composed of folders can slow you down because you would need to read through all of them to find what you need.

Setting up a cloud-based document management system can clear up your desktop screen and free up some memory. You do not need to worry about not being able to save a file because of the memory space nor does your computer have to slow down because of it.

In addition, if for some reason your computer contracts a virus and has all the files corrupted, you can be at peace that all of your essential documents are stored in the cloud.

3. Organize yourself

Organized Desk

Perhaps you do not hear this quite often, but sometimes the reason you might be so disorganized with your stuff is that you are disorganized in your mind. The brain can make us funky when you are anxious about something or if you’re getting enough sleep.

Whatever it is, resolving anything personal can create a chain reaction to other aspects of your life. Some people are not traditionally organized, and that’s fine. However, taking small and simple steps to maximize productivity won’t hurt anyone.