King or Queen? The Royal Mattress Battle

father and son checking mattressIt’s a battle between kings and queens, with both sides having their advantages and pitfalls. There can only be one victor. Sorry, but this isn’t about “Game of Thrones.” This is about mattresses.  Before you doze off because this isn’t about who’s going to win the Iron Throne, how much thinking did you do before you bought the mattress you curl up on when you binge watch Westerosi content?

Although the price tag of a mattress is always a major factor, sometimes people are tempted to buy bigger mattresses because they think that bigger means better. But did you know that there are many factors about mattress size that you should consider?

A Clash of Kings and Queens

There are as many kinds of king- and queen-size mattresses as there are monarchs vying for the Iron Throne.

The standard queen-size bed is 60 inches wide and 80 inches long. It can fit two adults if they squeeze, or one adult and a child. The California queen is the same width, but it’s 84 inches, or seven feet, long. A noble female warrior from Tarth would sleep comfortably on it. A standard king-size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. With its added width, it can fit two adults and a child with room to spare, or one bratty child king who refuses to share. The California king is only 72 inches wide, but is 84 inches long. Three Dothraki riders could sleep snugly on one.

Now that you know the dimensions of all the contenders for your Iron Bedframe, what are the factors you should consider before bending the knee to one of them?

A Feast of Factors

Consider if you will be sleeping on it alone or with a partner. The size of a standard queen can make it feel cramped for two people, especially if one or both of you are tall or broad-shouldered. The California queen has the same width, but a taller person would sleep better in one because of the added legroom. Couples, with or without children, would definitely have more room on any king-size mattress.

woman lying on many mattresses

However, the massive size of the king beds can be a challenge for several reasons. First, queen size mattresses are more prevalent, and so are the sheets and linens that go with them. You can find bamboo sheets for king-size beds, but you might have a harder time finding blankets and bedspreads that would fit your new mattress.

Second, your bedroom or apartment might not have enough floor space to accommodate a king mattress. If you live in a starter apartment or home, think about the dimensions of your room before buying a huge mattress.

Finally, king-size beds are often worth a king’s ransom. Because they use more material, they tend to have bigger price tags. If you’re on a fixed budget, you might have to win a jousting competition before you can buy one easily.

Size isn’t the only major deciding factor for a mattress. You should also check if you’re allergic to a mattress’s foam or covering; factor if you fidget and toss in your sleep, or if you actually need a new mattress to begin with. Keep all these things in mind when you purchase a new mattress. And, if you can, buy the comfiest and warmest blankets and sheets, especially if winter is coming.