Three Things to Commission Your Artist Friends for Your Online Shop Needs

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Starting an online business may seem easy and low-cost, but it still needs good marketing to get the word out there. With the presence of ads on social media, advertising has become accessible. The challenge now is how to make your ads compelling and attention-grabbing.

With millions of people scouring the internet every day and its every-changing norms, marketing can be tricky. Seeking eCommerce digital marketing services can yield the best results because these people are an expert in this field. On the other hand, if you’re doing things on your own, asking help from friends–and commissioning them–in the process can be of huge help.


Think of your logo as your representative and an identification card. When you present your brand everywhere, your logo should be there. Whether it is a letterhead or an engraving on a product, the logo should be the one that sticks to the consumer’s mind.

Therefore, the logo should be unique, and it should stand out. The primary reason for this is you would not want your brand to be confused with something else, nor do you want to have an issue with other, more popular brands for allegedly copying their logo design.

In the modern world, your logo should be responsive because of the plethora of media that you can utilize. A responsive logo is one that is still easily recognizable regardless of its size. Walt Disney’s logo, in full view, is complete with the castle, the arch, and Disney’s signature. As the screen shrinks–a laptop, for example–only the signature is left of the logo to adjust to the size of the medium. For tablets, it’s only “Disney,” and for the smallest of screens, only “D” is left. All versions of the logo are still identifiable as Disney’s because of the iconic font.

When commissioning your graphic artist friend for a logo, emphasize the importance of your responsive logo. It’s that one unique shape, letter, or colors in your logo that allows this to happen.

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Product Photos and Videos

Today’s world is very visual. Especially when you’re an online shop, good visuals contribute to the appeal of your shop. Most of all, having actual photos of your products helps gain the trust of the consumers. 90 percent of consumers look for good photo quality from online shops. Good visuals on the store also make 93 percent of consumers decide on their purchase.

Consumers don’t just want good and pretty photos. They want photos that integrate photos into real life, emphasizing the importance of “pictures speak a thousand words.” This is where your photographer friend comes in since they are trained at making things come to life in images. They know how to add depth to the photo and organize a good setup for the product.

To really showcase the item, you can publish a video that compiles your products. With the presence of Instagram and Facebook stories, these videos can be short and direct. After all, 500 million Instagram users interact with this feature every day, and businesses comprise one-third of the most-viewed stories. There can be a lot of creativity packed in a few seconds, and one of your videographer friends will know how to make it work.

Writing Good Copy

On your website or account, the brand communicates with the consumers through words. Whether it’s the caption, the bio, or an entire blog post, having good copywriting on your page is essential to entice customers. When your page has a good copy, it can drive 7.8 times more traffic.

Think of a writer you know who can write good content for your page. They will be the key to driving more people into your site and keeping them there. Naturally, if the page has engaging content, the consumer will stay on the page to continue reading everything. Then, when they’re entertained and getting a lot of information, they would want to know more and start browsing the page. With good copy, you can convince the consumer to purchase the product and try it out.

Blogging is also the leading marketing strategy in 2017. Through SEO marketing, companies can target their specified consumers without them feeling aggressively attacked by paid ads. Additionally, blog posts are not regulated by ad blockers, so it makes them a more viable option.

Pay Your Artists

Even though these artists are your friends, paying them is still necessary. Remember that they have gone through years and years of work to learn how to make your online business stand out through their skills. When commissioning your friends, you’re not only helping them pay their bills, but you’re also supporting local artists.