A Different Uprising: Why Elevate Your House?

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There are valid reasons why you would want to go with a major overhaul of your house. That could come in the form of some upgrades all the way to a total renovation. One change that you might be interested in is getting your home elevated. This is quite an undertaking because it is basically a major construction project. Proper planning and cost analysis have to be made in addition to its feasibility. If you have been seriously considering this, these are some reasons why you should go through with it.

Flood Protection

Have you been a victim of flooding for the past few years? You could be someone who likes gardening a lot and spends a lot of time watering and caring for your plants. You make sure that the topsoil is abundant with the necessary nutrients for the younger ones, as their roots are not long enough yet to reach the subsoil, but you have decided to give that up since your handy work will be destroyed by the flood anyway. If something can make it worse, it would be the muddy waters reaching the interiors. You can stay one step ahead of that by having your house elevated. This will raise your floor area a few feet higher and create the extra room needed for the flood water to flow through. Not only that, but you can also opt to include your garden area if you want to go back to your gardening ways.

Improve the Looks

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Sometimes, you want to do something that has more style than substance. Elevating your house will make it look more towering. But aside from that, this will result in larger surface areas all around, and these will make good canvases for additional designs.

Strengthen the Foundations

If your home has seen a lot of years, preparing it for an elevation project will benefit its old foundations. Workers can make the assessment by digging up the soil and then checking for how strong the deep layers are. This will let you know if restructuring is needed. One method for that is thrusting longer and thicker steel beams into the Earth and then lay some more horizontally to form a wider base. Not only will that raise and protect your home from the flood, but the stronger underpinnings should also be strong enough to absorb earthquakes. Basically your house will be strong enough to withstand those and other natural elements for many more years.

Adding Some Space

You do not need to limit yourself to raising your house by several feet. If your budget permits, you might want to look into elevating it by a whole story. A whole floor added to your home is a serious amount of additional space. Not only can you choose to have a larger garage, but you get to have additional areas for new rooms too. This would be perfect for a growing family.

Your reasons for elevating your house may be functional or aesthetic. Either way, if you decide to pursue this as a project, it will add tremendous value to your property. You may not see that coming right away, but give it several years, and you could consider the option cashing it in. Otherwise, if the home means a lot to you, just do whatever you can to keep it standing strong for your family and the generations to come.