Things that You Can’t Overlook Before Cleaning Your Gutters

gutter cleaning

For many Utahns, seeking professional service for gutter cleaning in Ogden, Roy, West Haven, or Farr West seems to be the exception rather than the rule. After all, the job only involves climbing the ladder and clearing the gunk. Any enthusiastic DIYer will not consider it rocket science.

However, there is no denying that this chore can be extremely hazardous. Since height is part of the equation, a single misstep can be an instant ticket to the hospital.

Many of us who decide to push the project through, despite the apparent danger, often fail to consider all of the hazards that need to be identified and managed. Here are some of the factors you can’t overlook before trying to be the hero:

Proper Equipment

Many gutter cleaning blunders occur due to improper clothing. If you do not wear the right working attire, any loose part of your outfit can catch on something sharp or pointy. Such an incident can affect your balance, which is your ally while standing on the ladder.

Furthermore, you ought to use functional tools, particularly the ladder. You can’t afford not to use an unstable one because a fall can leave you severely injured. In the United States, more than 180,000 ladder-related accidents happen every year. Even professionals are not invincible, so think twice before pulling the trigger on the task.

Ladder problems usually do not stem from faulty equipment, just improper installation. Without formal training and a wealth of experience, you might not know the best way to position a ladder and keep it secure against the roof as you climb it several times with cleaning materials on hand.


clearing the gutter

If you have the proper equipment and are confident enough to know your way around a ladder, ask yourself if you are genuinely up to the task. Be honest with yourself, for the consequences of messing up the job can be numerous.

Apart from potentially hurting yourself, destroy your house is a high probability if you do not know what you are doing. Denting your gutters even just a little bit might already affect the integrity of the system. The worst part is that you might have to pay for its repair because its product warranty is not likely to cover it.


Home improvement errors typically result in homeowner’s insurance gap. There is no guarantee that your current policy has coverage for any damage that can occur during a non-professional project. If you are allowed to file a claim, it can increase your premium moving forward.


Regardless of its quantity, exposure to mold can be detrimental to your health. It is not uncommon for mold colonies to invade the gutters or the areas near them due to the prevalence of moisture. If you are sensitive to this harmful microorganism, you might want to leave the job to something else to avoid endangering yourself.

Paying a professional to clean your gutters and downspouts might feel like a waste of money. If you put things into perspective, it is a necessary expense to get the task done right the first time and keep yourself and your house out of harm’s way.