Why Are Men More Open To Cosmetic Procedures These Days?

man having botox treatment

Women are usually the ones who’d go under the knife to enhance their features. But recently, more and more men are also now considering getting a plastic surgery procedure.

An article from The New York Post says that there was an increase of 29% of cosmetic procedures on men from 2000 to 2017. At the same time, there as a 99% increase in injectable fillers as well. But why is this happening?

Perception of beauty on men

Based on a study posted on Science Daily says that a man felt more attractive and likable after going having facial plastic surgery. Even more, they also felt that their social skills and their trustworthiness had improved drastically, too.

Given today’s fast-paced culture, staying presentable can be difficult. Now, it’s more than what men wear or the way that he grooms himself. Forbes says that it’s a mixture of facial procedures and healthy grooming management that’ll give him the help that he needs.

Currently, men’s awareness of grooming is on the rise. Aside from a growing interest in fashion and clothing, men are also changing their perception of skincare.   The demands from their executives have put pressure on men to look after their skin or face the risk of getting bypassed for getting the promotion. The desire to go on a relationship influences them to take care of their skin, too.

Body improvement among men

As men grow old, they also encounter a few changes that show their age. Aside from drooping eyes, they start to see their necks beginning to sag as well. That’s why, apart from getting a rhinoplasty procedure in Colorado, men are also willing to have neck lifts as well as chin augmentation. Other treatments that are steadily are nonsurgical procedures such as laser hair removal as well as Botox.

Plastic surgery provides them with quicker results to fix any signs of ageing that they may have. But like every other medical procedure, it also comes with a few complications.

Possible complications of plastic surgery

having plastic surgery

Going under sedation and anesthesia poses a risk to people who choose to proceed with it. It includes nerve and brain damage as well as stroke. Some people can suffer from a heart attack as well as abnormal heart rhythm, too.

There are also chances that a patient’s scars may cause infection or irregularities. Fluid collection can also happen after getting liposuction. There are higher chances of experiencing complications when you’re dealing with unlicensed doctors. Also, the sanitary condition of the area can affect the chances of having complications. Dealing with unlicensed doctors won’t guarantee that they’ll be working on a sanitized operation room.

If you’re planning to go under the knife to get a cosmetic procedure, then it’s best to do your research. You need to find a doctor that has the right set of qualifications and training to carry the operation. You also need to be realistic about its outcomes before proceeding with the operation. It’s also best to understand the risks associated with the treatment, too.