The “Vein” of Your Existence: Treatments for Venous Insufficiency

patched legs

patched legsVenous insufficiency or VI is a condition wherein your veins have difficulty transporting blood to your heart from your limbs. Because of this, blood pools or clots in your legs since the blood can’t properly flow back to your heart. The most common causes of venous diseases are varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, more commonly known as blood clots.

Treatment Options for Venous Diseases

When you have a VI disease, you may feel swelling, pain, and ulcers in your legs. Depending on the severity of your disease, your doctor may either prescribe appropriate medicines, surgery or both. According to Veniti, venous disease treatments for severe cases may include the following:

•Sclerotherapy – Your vein will be injected with a saline or chemical solution.
•Vein Stripping – Tiny incisions will be made in your leg close to the vein that has been damaged. Your damaged vein will be removed via the most appropriate incision.
•Ablation – Heat will be used for closing off and tearing down your damaged vein.
•Valve Repair – The valve will be repaired through a tiny incision that will be made on the leg with your damaged vein.
•Bypass – Either a blood vessel or tube will be used to bypass or create a detour around your damaged vein in order to properly redirect blood flow.
•Stenting or Angioplasty – A small medical balloon will be used to expand your blocked or thickened vein and restore proper blood flow. A stent will then be positioned inside your vein to keep it from being blocked again.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

If you are at risk for venous disease, you should begin making preventive measures to reduce your chances of fully developing it. First, put down that cancer stick if you’re a smoker because smoking will cause oxygen deprivation to your body and increase your chances of forming blood clots. Likewise, avoid standing or sitting for long periods. Walk around to make sure your blood will flow properly. Lastly, exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. These preventive steps will make sure you won’t require any venous disease treatment anytime soon.

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