A Love of Classic Cars

Classic Cars

Classic CarsIt is undeniable that classic cars are some of the most beautiful things ever made. Their vintage looks recalling decades gone by far surpass the style of today’s ordinary cars. No surprise then that classic cars regularly end up on the news:

Rally of classics

Over 60 cars from past decades will race for six days in Targa Tasmania. The competition allows cars of various types and from different years to race it out on the streets of Tasmania. The Shannons Classic races have early and late classic divisions, while the Classic Outright race has all the cars included. Expect a lot of intense action to happen as the classic cars cover almost 2,000 kilometres to get to the finish line in Hobart.

Classic beauties

Many enjoy classic cars because in addition to being machines, they embody beauty as well. At the National Gallery of Victoria, an exhibition entitled “Shifting Gear: Design, innovation and the Australian car” shows just how exquisite classic cars can be. The cars aren’t just displayed by themselves; they are presented in their respective historic contexts. The featured cars date from the late 19th through to the 20th centuries.

Requiem for a classic

Understandably, news of a Jaguar E-type destroyed in Sydney got a lot of people talking. The NSW police put up pictures of the wrecked car on their Facebook page. Car fans just couldn’t believe the horrific damage suffered by the Jaguar, and collectively mourned the loss of one of the few beautiful classics left not just in Australia, but in the world.

As their numbers are declining, more and more people look at classic cars as works of art, worthy of being in collections. If you have a classic car just sitting in your garage, you may have an asset with a great value. It wouldn’t hurt to consider valuation services to know just how much your car is worth.

Classic cars remind us that vehicles need not only be functional, but that they can be aesthetically pleasing as well. Driving one these days would surely get you some sighs of admiration, as everyone knows there aren’t a lot of these beauties left in good working order.

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