The Perfect Christmas Tree: Picking the Right One

closeup of a pine tree

There’s nothing like dressing up the home for the holidays. Stringing popcorns, decorating the mantle, and of course, hunting down the perfect tree. Some people dread the hunt, but it’s simple if you know how to do it right. It’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling a stump removal service in Guildford or a handyman in Bedford. Below, we have listed a few tips to help you look for the right tree:

The Perfect Christmas Tree: What to Look For

Each one has their own idea of what the perfect tree is. For starters, let’s go over some things to consider when picking out a tree.

  • Needle Retention. A good tree retains needles well. A good way of checking this is by grabbing a branch, clamping down on it, and pulling it towards you. If you end up with a lot of needles in your hand, then the tree is already past its prime.
  • Scent. If you take some of a tree’s needles and crush it in your hand, it should give off a strong scent of pine. If it doesn’t, pass on it.
  • Color. A fresh tree should look shiny and green with strong dark green branches that are not brittle.

How to Look for the Perfect Tree

Now that you know what to look for, let’s get on to the actual hunt.

  • Know where it will go. Identify the place where you would like to place your tree. Ideally, it should be where there’s less traffic to avoid unnecessary bumps or trips, and away from heat sources so it doesn’t dry up (or worse, burn) easily.
  • Measure the area. It’s important to know the height of the ceiling and the space on the floor your tree will eat up. Do not just rely on your photographic memory as it sometimes fails even the best of us. List the measurements on a piece of paper to bring with you on your hunt. Take into account the height of the stand as well.

decorated christmas tree

  • Bring a tape measure with you. Yes, bring it. How else will you know if the tree you like will fit exactly where you want to place it? Take the time to measure different trees and see how they fare against the numbers you listed.
  • Pick the right tree for you. As mentioned earlier, know what to look for so you get the freshest tree. Needle retention, freshness, scent, and look are things you should consider.

Setting Up

Once you’ve already bought the tree and brought it home, setting it up and caring for it properly will make your tree bloom in your home.

  • Cut an inch off from the base. This will ensure that your tree will absorb water well.
  • Place it on the stand. Make sure the base of the tree fits the stand perfectly. If it doesn’t, you will have to make a few more cuts until you get it right. Do not trim off its diameter by chopping at the bark. Doing so will strip it of its cambium layer which absorbs water.
  • Give it the right amount of water. As soon as you get it up, give it fresh, clean water immediately. Giving it the right amount guarantees its freshness and longevity.

Next, start decorating! Just a tip from us: you can replant the tree after Christmas to keep it alive. While there are tons of commercial faux trees available, nothing beats the real thing.