Taking Care of Your Heart While Running a Business


Data shows that back in 2018, there were 102 coronary heart disease-related deaths for every 100,000 people in the UK. In 2000, meanwhile, the mortality rate for the same illness was 259 for every 100,000 individuals, which translates to a 60 percent drop between 2000 and 2018. However, such a steep drop in death rates related to heart illnesses does not mean those with the condition have nothing to worry about.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic where peoples’ movements are restricted in many places, people with underlying heart ailments are at a disadvantage when it comes to receiving proper medical care. However, it should not stop them from finding ways to look after their heart’s health even while inside their homes.

If you are running a business and you have an underlying heart illness, here are five simple ways to care for the heart:

Monitor your heart’s health.

Proper and frequent monitoring of the heart’s condition is a key measure to prevent silent heart attacks, which account for 45 percent of all cardiac arrests. You can prevent such a traitor heart attack by having private echocardiogram scans done on a schedule or on-call basis. This procedure helps detect heart failure, blood clots, and congenital heart disease, among many others. With results from the scans, your doctor can easily make proactive calls that could help prevent a heart attack or other cardiovascular ailments from occurring or worsening.

Eat healthily.

This may seem like something straight out of a broken record but a great many adults with heart ailments do forget to follow this or just ignore it outright. By eating healthily, it means that you need to indulge in food options that are good for the heart: barley, oats, olive oil, low-fat dairy products, dark and leafy vegetables, and seeds/nuts. Also, avoid too much salt commonly found in many processed food since sodium is a known heart enemy.

Sleep properly.


No matter how much you hate the idea of sleeping for a full six to eight hours each night because there is so much work to do, you should resist the urge to stay up all night and sleep for less than six hours. People who don’t have enough sleep regularly are more prone to suffering from cardiovascular diseases than those who sleep enough daily.

Go easy on sugar and saturated fat.

Part of eating healthily is reducing your regular intake of saturated fat and sugar, as these are known to cause heart diseases and diabetes. If you really must satisfy your sweet tooth, then shift to low-fat dairy, semi-skimmed milk, and fresh fruits.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Since you’re practically a hermit inside your home, temptations are everywhere. However, don’t indulge yourself in alcohol and tobacco, or binge on sugary and processed food, as well as fast food deliveries. Instead, do some simple exercises and splurge yourself on fruits and vegetables.

These tricks prove that you can take care of your heart even without going to your doctor’s clinic. Just follow them heartily and your heart will surely thank you for it.