5 Things to Remember When Sending a Newsletter to Your Clients

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Successful email newsletters require a shift in thinking, so instead of telling if your clients about your latest products — reframe your email newsletter as a way to engage with your clients. However, getting people to notice, open, and respond to your emails can be challenging, but it is possible.

Whether you’re offering CPD services for psychotherapists or selling products through an e-commerce store — here are five things you should consider when sending newsletters to your clients for maximum engagement and retention.

Write a ‘Clickable’ Subject Line

Catchy headlines are a crucial part of any email. After all, if you have a monotonous subject like “May Newsletter,” your client would more likely delete the email before opening it. No matter how good your content is, they probably won’t ever see if they don’t like the subject line. You can use split-test functionality in your selected email service provider to see which subject lines would get the most opens or click-throughs.

Make Emails Scannable

Most people are likely to skim an email instead of reading the actual content, and most use mobile devices to check their emails, making large blocks of words unappealing. So, make sure that your emails are scannable by using bold headlines, sections, and bullet points. When promoting your blog or article, ensure your emails only contain a teaser with a link instead of adding the posts within the email.

Ensure Your Email Fits Your Branding

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Your business’s ‘branding’ is what shows who you are and what you have to offer as a company, sometimes, even without having to say a thing. For instance, when thinking of colors regarding brands, chances are you’re reminded of coca-cola. This factor makes it easier for people to distinguish your brand from the rest, leaving you reigning on top. That’s why you need to keep your branding across all marketing platforms, including your newsletter, consistent.

Implement the 90/10 Rule

Although it’s tempting to revolve your newsletter campaign around your company’s success, it’s better to keep your content informative. Experts suggest making your content 90% educational (blogs or articles) and 10% promotional content. After all, most clients look for solutions to their problems, and though it’s great your company has gotten a new gaming system in the break room, chances are your customers will scroll right past that.

Make Your Emails ‘Actionable’

Make it seamless for your clients to take action on your email newsletters. Whether you want them to buy your product, read your recent blog posts, or share your content on their social media pages, make it easy for them. Decide on one call to action for your email, and use phrases such as “click here to read” or “read more for more information.” Don’t hesitate to mention and link this several times within your email, as it’ll make it easier for your clients to navigate. Plus, many people don’t read through an entire email, so don’t save it until the bottom line.

Although your clients won’t see all of your business’s social media and website updates, your newsletter is a different subject. After all, they opted-in your email newsletter because they want to hear from you, so make the most out of it — and follow the considerations mentioned when sending newsletters to your clients for better customer engagement and retention.