Style Options for Overhead Garage Doors

Empty residential car garageYour entryway is among the first things clients will notice about your business, and it forms one of the foundations of their perception. While most companies will pay considerable attention to their front door, only a handful thinks of their garage door. Getting a functional yet stylish garage door is essential if you are aiming for the best impact on your would-be clients.

One of the best options a commercial garage door service expert will recommend for your property in Salt Lake City is an overhead door. This withstands the frequent use in commercial properties exceptionally well, and its frequency of repairs is minimal. Moreover, an overhead door is easy to use. It opens quickly and comfortably accommodates a range of vehicular sizes. The following are your available style choices for overhead garage doors:

Swing Overhead Doors

These look like they will swing open and separate in the middle, but they operate like overhead doors. Swing overhead doors mimic conventional swinging carriage garage doors, but the sections are connected and pulled up to the garage’s ceilings. Most swing overhead doors can be accessorized with decorative hardware in pull handles, latches, and hinges to enhance their curb appeal.

Single Panel Overhead Doors

These doors feature a door made of a solid aluminum, wood, or metal panel.  They have an overhead track and a handle that you pull to effortlessly raise the door using a counterweight spring that slides overhead. The primary drawback of a sectional door is that it is bulky and hence malfunctions easily. It also first pivots outwards before sliding into the ceiling. Hence, cars need to be parked some distance away from the door during its opening to avert damage.

Sectional Doors

Sectional car garage doorsThese work like single panel doors but are cut into sections. These sections will rotate freely even though they are joined and use the same guiding track. Each part of your garage door will pivot on separate angles rather than on one. Sectional doors, unlike single panel doors, raise straight up. You will not need clearance for their opening. They are also easy to insulate and can be easily operated using automatic openers.

Roller Overhead Doors

These have a housing system located directly above your garage door’s frame. You do not need an overhead track for these doors, and this frees up the ceiling space in your garage. Roller overhead doors are very secure and durable. They are generally made of corrugated steel and might be quite expensive. Still, they are the ideal choice for businesses with high-security needs.

The types of overhead garage doors mentioned above seem easy to maintain and even install. Most business owners may pick anyone with some installation know-how to install and maintain them. However, this places the users of the garage door at a heightened risk of injury from a falling door. The chains and springs used for the installation of overhead garage doors require expertise to get the correct gauges. By matching the gauge of your connectors to the weight of your garage door, you will increase its safety and guarantee its seamless operation.