Office Design Changes that Increase Productivity

Office interior

Office interior

Studies suggest that physical environment is one of the most significant factors that affect your employees’ ability to focus. If you want to help them accomplish more tasks within a given period, then one of the most valuable steps that you can take is to modify your office space to make it less stressful and a lot more conducive to concentration.

Chairs and tables

If you find your people constantly adjusting their seats or moving while they work, it can be a sign that their chair or table is uncomfortable. Their tables might not be of comfortable height, or their chairs might not be supporting their back dull. These things will not only bother them all the time; it can also lead to physical problems, such as leg cramps and lower back pain. If your furniture is a problem, talk to your trusted office refurbishment company about inexpensive but effective alternatives.

Lighting and colour

The quality of lighting in your office can have a more significant effect on your employees’ concentration and well-being than you think. Bad lighting conditions can lead to drowsiness, headaches, fatigue, irritability, and even depression. Nothing ever beats natural light, so you should open your windows when possible. You can supplement this with light from “daylight” bulbs that imitate natural lighting. If your employees use computers a lot, pair diffuse lighting and light-coloured matte walls to create softer contrasts and reduce distracting shadows.

Positive imagery

Light colours look timeless and relaxing, but they can make your walls appear empty. To maximise space and prevent your walls from looking boring, you can hang motivational posters that depict inspiring images and maxims. Besides lifting your employees’ spirits, these decors can also encourage creativity, especially if they feature witty quotes. Avoid pictures and frames with too many details as they may be too distracting to some of your employees.


Woman listening to music while working

Some people work better while listening to music, so plugging in some audio for the entire office might help them de-stress or go about their tasks. If you have people who do calls over the phone, the music will also drown background noise and make the experience more pleasant for the customers on the other end of the line. Do keep in mind that some people prefer to work in quiet places, so leave a section of the office where your employees can go to gain more focus.


The regular look of your office may not suit everyone’s taste, so giving your employees a section that they can customise to their heart’s content will help foster their creativity. Encourage them to bring meaningful pictures or objects that they can keep close to their work stations. If you have cubicles, they can even post their own motivational posters on the walls.

Altering your workplace into something that dampens stress and supports productivity need not be expensive. All you need to do is to understand your employees’ needs and a few ideas on how to keep them motivated. You can even think of the time and resources you put into this project as an investment.After all, it’s the business that benefits when your employees work better.