Healthy and Happy at the Hygienist in Richmond

Teeth being checked

Teeth being checked

Dental disease is preventable. With the right combination of diet, brushing technique and professional care, it is possible for a patient to keep their teeth for life. The trouble with human behaviour, as far as teeth goes anyway, is that if something isn’t causing immediate pain, it can get forgotten. The good intentions someone sets as they leave the dental surgery after their bi-annual check-up can become dust in the wind as the busyness of life takes over. This can be a problem, because gum disease isn’t painful in the early stages and sometimes a patient may not notice the symptoms until it’s become advanced.

Spotting the signs

This is why, along with visiting the dentist for regular check-ups, seeing a hygienist in Richmond is also a necessary part of a healthy oral hygiene routine. At practices in the area such as Sheen Dental, the dentist and hygienist in Richmond look for the early signs of gum disease before moving onto any necessary treatment. This includes scale and polish cleaning, which removes the build-up of plaque and tartar that becomes hardened over time.

Plaque build-up

If a patient has this build-up, and most do, it’s no reason to feel down on themselves and their brushing and flossing routine. No matter how diligently someone cleans their teeth, only professional dental equipment can remove this stubborn substance.

Minty fresh

As well as giving the teeth a good shine up, a hygienist in Richmond can also advise on diet and nutrition for healthy teeth. The cause of bad breath can sometimes be related to the foods a patient eats, so discussing this with the hygienist in Richmond could lead to a happy, fresh breath outcome.

Help to quit

And they can provide information to help a patient quit smoking. This is especially important for dental health, because a long-term smoking habit can cause the gums and the other soft tissues around the teeth to deteriorate and may lead to premature tooth loss.

Shine them up

Patients with specific dental devices can also get advice from the hygienist in Richmond on how to keep them clean. This includes: braces, dentures, bridges and dental implants.