Shocking Facts about Vegan Diets and Healthy Teeth

Vegan Diets and Healthy Teeth in UKWith the changing lifestyles in the modern world, dental health is increasingly gaining prominence. The high consumption of processed foods and synthetic sugars continues to weaken the teeth. Without healthy teeth, you are limited to the kinds of foods that you eat and the particular form that you take them.

By brushing and flossing your teeth, you are likely to just take annual checkups with your dentist. Edinburgh practitioners provide a preventive guide and therapeutic procedures for patients with dental problems. Here are some foods in the vegan diets that promote healthy teeth.

Green tea

Tooth decay is the most common tooth disease that patients seek medical attention. The condition is caused by bacteria that eat on the surface of the tooth, exposing the nerve ending that causes sensitivity. Green tea contains chemical compounds known as polyphenols that lower the growth and expansion of the bacteria. When taking the tea, you should rinse your mouth ten times per day for at least one minute to reduce the occurrence of tooth cavities.

Crunchy vegetables

Other than brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, frequent exercise gives your teeth the vigor required to withstand wearing. Vegan foods such as apples, carrots and cucumbers causes’ disturbance on the outer surface of the tooth by rubbing off any sugar and bacteria accumulated on the gums. It’s a natural cleaning mechanism that improves not only the health of the teeth, but also that of the body.


Teeth cavities are common among people that take foodstuffs that contain many sugars such as cakes, sweets, chocolate, cookies and sweetened drinks. Sugar deposits on the gums provide a conducive environment for bacteria to multiply and hence cause cavities. Though naturally sweet, raisins lack any form of sugar that attracts bacteria. They contain phytochemicals that are known to undermine the bacteria activity in the teeth and the gum.

If other remedies don’t work, you need to try vegan diets for your teeth.