Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal Easier: 6 Things You Can Do

wisdom tooth removal

The dentist can recommend removing wisdom teeth for a variety of reasons, including tooth decay, overcrowding, infection and disease. First, you will want your questions about the procedure to be answered. In case you remove your wisdom teeth, your dentist might refer you to a mouth surgeon to complete the procedure.

Discomfort, pain and swelling usually appear after the surgery. Here are six tips to help you recover from your wisdom tooth removal surgery as smoothly as possible.

Allow Formation of Blood Clots

Blood clots are an important part of the recovery process. They arise at the place of extraction.

  • A blood clot prevents excessive bleeding
  • Enable new tissue growth
  • The wound remains secure from infection
  • Keep open bones protected

Consult your dentist on how you can manage blood clots properly.

Be Cautious With Your What You Eat

Follow a diet that is fluid immediately after the surgery. Add hard foods gradually, beginning with softer foodstuffs. Avoid spicy food. If you are addicted to drinks, cool the hot ones as soon as possible and preferably use a straw. This will assist you in your recovery journey.

Ensure You Take Rest

In your diary, you may need to return to normal life as soon as possible, but feel comfortable for your long-term recovery. Rest as much as possible with your head raised with the help of a pillow. If you do sports, avoid them for at least one day. It is good to wait more days for hard training or weight lifting to promote quick recovery.

Try to Open Your Mouth to Become Flexible Again

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After the operation, your mouth becomes motionless so you do not want to open it. But you must do this. Otherwise, your stiffness can become permanent! Only when you open your mouth for the first time after the operation must it be slow and gentle. This will increase the flexibility and your mouth will get back to normal.

Rinse Your Mouth with Salt Water

Rinse your mouth with salt and warm water the day after the wisdom tooth is removed. Repeat this several times a day, especially after drinking or eating. This helps reduce pain and swelling. With less pain and swelling, you recover quickly.

Use Tea Bags and Gauze

Instantly after the procedure, you will be asked to bite off a piece of gauze gently, even a pillow made up of some pieces of gauze, to lessen bleeding. After 12 hours you can use a moist tea bag. These tea bags help relieve pain and promote coagulation, hence promoting quick recovery.

Your wisdom tooth removal process should be well prepared. In case you plan things, particularly groceries and liquids to take with you, like a tea bag and pieces of gauze. Let these things always be at hand when you require them. Otherwise, after surgery, pain and swelling in your mouth, you will become weak and unable to handle it properly. Therefore, the care tips mentioned are particularly useful for you after discharge.

Recovering from a surgery, like a wisdom tooth extraction, can be hard. But you can make your recovery process easier by following the advice from your dentist and trying these practices.