Activities You Can Do Indoors to Keep You Sane While in Quarantine

Female wiping dust off counter

The current global health crisis has forced many Britons to stay inside to prevent the spread of a deadly virus. Now that you have a lot of time to kill at home, here are some activities that you can do to entertain yourself until everything goes back to normal again.


This is the perfect opportunity to finally accomplish the chores that you have been putting off for weeks. You no longer have the excuse that you have to meet friends during the weekend because, like you, everyone is stuck inside for the foreseeable future.

If there are tasks that you are not exactly familiar with, there are plenty of instructions on the internet for absolutely anything. For example, you can find YouTube videos on plastering. Supplies should not be a problem, either. There are still stores open that will sell you plaster materials and tools and deliver them right on your doorsteps.

Learn How to Cook

You cannot live on takeouts or instant ramen for the rest of your life. You are an adult and cooking is an essential skill that you must learn whether you are on your lonesome or have a family to feed. Get yourself a good cookbook from a bookshop or follow a cooking channel on YouTube. Better yet, call your mum and ask for her recipes.

Do not be afraid of making mistakes; these things are inevitable, even if you have mastered the art of cooking. Forgive yourself if you accidentally burn a fried chicken or add too much salt in your soup.

After the quarantine, you hopefully will emerge with a new, very useful skill.

Try Making Art

Even if you do not think you are creative, making art is a good hobby to have especially at a stressful time like this.

Painting, drawing, writing, or taking photographs have been proven to make positive changes to a person’s mental health. Art is therapeutic; it provides relief from stress and other negative feelings that you may have.

In one study, a group of women and men were asked to create anything they wanted using paper and markers, modeling clay, and collage materials. Researchers found that, after 45 minutes, the level of cortisol decreased in 75 % of the participants. Cortisol is the hormone often associated with stress.

Whatever medium you choose, be it paint and easel or your iPad, making art might help calm you down.

Do Not Forget to Exercise

Female exercising

The gyms are closed, but that does not mean you can procrastinate. You can start running around your neighborhood in the morning for cardio. There are also exercises you can do inside your house even if you do not have relevant equipment.

There are gym instructors who are streaming workout routines on YouTube and Instagram to help everyone stay fit at home during the quarantine. There are also apps that will give you an exercise plan based on your current fitness level or your fitness goal.

Exercising is a great way to pass the time because it keeps your body healthy which will help fight off illnesses. It will also provide stress relief and prevent depression.

Staying home for a long period of time will be difficult. After all, people also need to socialize and enjoy the company of others to be happy. However, it is a sacrifice that everyone has to make in order to save lives.