Open Offices: Is It Good or Bad for My Business?

Open Office

Open OfficeEvery Perth employer wants to have office fitouts that would boost their employees’ productivity and encourage workplace interaction at the same time. Employers and employees alike believe that striking a balance between fun and focus is key to achieving success, and having the right office space could facilitate that desired harmony.

The Good About Open Offices

Many believe that an open office is the solution in obtaining harmony between productivity and interaction. The idea of open office originated in Hamburg during the 50s, and was aimed to allow interaction and idea to naturally flow among colleagues.

Advocates of open office, usually employers, say that an office without cubicles and walls encourages casual meet-ups that could generate innovative ideas at work. Another thing that makes open office great for employers is that it allows the flow of natural light, which significantly reduces their energy cost.

Open Offices Promote Equality

Employees who advocate open office design, says Perth’s, believe that tearing down the walls creates an office environment free of any divisions caused by hierarchies. This feeling of equality could then promote openness, which can greatly benefit the business.

What Critics Say

Fierce critics of open offices said employers are the only ones that really benefit from downsizing work spaces. A smaller office with minimal partitions would mean fewer costs on maintenance and rent, which could translate to greater revenue.

Some critics even think that employers actively convince their staff to believe that an open office is good for them, despite the fact that it doesn’t really help that much.

Common Drawbacks

Some employees believe working in an open space makes them lose much of their concentration due to noise. Due to the lack of a private space, working in an open office might also prevent an employee to do some ergonomic adjustments that he would not do in the open, such as bending or resting his foot on his chair. This makes employees more prone to physical strain that may result in decreased productivity, or lost time at work.

Your office space can greatly impact your business. By choosing the right office space for your employees, you are ensuring that your staff will always be at their best while working.

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