Manage Your Managers: How to Find the Right Officers for Your Company


ManagersAs your business grows, your need for the services of more people does too. You can’t stay on as the only manager in your company when your business has begun to take on a life of its own. Micromanagement will tire you out, stress you out, and burn you out. In the end you will feel resentful and probably take it out on the employees you have who, in all probability, are just as overworked as you are. You need managers and supervisors to take some of the load off your shoulders.

Hire managers and supervisors, but keep running the show

Having managers and supervisors does not mean you can let them run the company completely, however. That is a recipe for disaster. These are different people with different personalities. Without you at the helm, clashes will happen. If they do, you might find yourself back to square one. Plus it’s costly to lose a manager.

Know your managers

You can’t trust people you don’t know. This is business, but for your own sake and sanity, you have to know your managers on a more personal level. Find out how competitive they are, how much of a team player each one is, and how they intend to contribute. Know them as individuals and not just as a group. Dine with them; go out with them occasionally. Take them on vacations. Check their team dynamic by taking them for Royal Gorge River rafting or something similar, as suggested by Meet their families if you have to. The more personal the relationship becomes, the more important they’ll feel. This can lead to better performance and a desire to do right by you.

You need people who are a culture fit, people you know you can trust. When you become good at finding good managers and keeping them, you’ll have more time to focus on the whole picture.