Making Art Stand Out: Top 3 Design Hacks for Art Lovers


ArtMost homeowners make it so that their house reflects their personality. For art lovers, though, a home is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with traces, strokes, and shades of the lifestyle they lead. If you want art pieces to stand out, it is important that your home’s interior design complement the art.

With that, here are some design hacks you can use to make art the centre of attention in your living space.

1. Different art pieces from same artists

Collecting several works of art by the same artist will make a dramatic difference within your space. Think about the vibe you want to create when decorating a specific area.For instance, your goal with the living room is to make it bright and comfortable. Pop art is the best choice; it will make any room stand out because of the bold colours and shapes.

Go to local stores or buy canvas print online. In digital galleries, it will be easier to see works of art that of the same artist. You can also see without a hassle different categories or styles of art.

2. Repetition of colours and lines

Repeating colours and lines from the art will also boost the visual appeal of any space because it creates a sense of harmony and unity. If you have a space dominated by black and white hues, fill your walls with the same shades. Black and white abstract art is perfect for this. It will be the main décor, which will create a sense of freshness and sophistication in your living area.

You can also choose to frame all your Polaroid shots. Collect your photos, arrange them, and have them framed. This allows you to complement the black and white theme of the space and personalise your walls.

3. Simplicity in beauty

Sometimes downplaying home décor is the simplest way to make the work of art stand out. If you have elaborate art pieces, make sure the furniture near it makes use of simpler designs. Consider putting in items that have a monochromatic style.

Most people make the mistake of being too artsy that all the details end up clashing. Give your eyes a rest by using minimalist furniture and making art pieces shine. Reflect your love for art and redefine your living space.

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