Love Planting? Obvious Signs You Have a Green Thumb

Coordinating Flower Colors

Coordinating Flower ColorsTaking care of plants is easier said than done. But for some, they manage to go beyond the challenges that come with this avocation. Are you one of them? Yes? That’s good! You’re cultivating life and make it grow with your own hand.

So you think you have a green thumb? There are a few ways to find out about it.

Below are some of the traits or qualities that prove you have a green thumb:

You’re not afraid to get dirty

For you, soil and plant sap are nothing. It’s okay to get dirty as long as you get to make sure that the seeds are planted and you see them grow. You’re completely fine with. Pedicures are not a necessity, as your nails are constantly clogged with dirt. At times, using gloves to handle soil can be inconvenient.

You have your tools of the trade

Your arsenal of tools is your trusty best friend. From shovel to full indoor grow kit, you’ve got the complete set of tools that will help you in your gardening. When it comes to supplies, you know where to go. At times, your friends even borrow tools from you.

You’re close to becoming a botanist

Your friends tell you that you’re the walking encyclopedia of plants. And you don’t deny that, either. You can name a lot of plants without even looking them up online. Your friends even consult you when they plan to green their thumb.

Other than becoming an amateur botanist, your friends also think of you as a landscape artist. Having a green thumb also helps develop your taste in botanical aesthetics. Coordinating flower colors is more than easy for you.

These are only some signs that you have a green thumb. Don’t worry; a green thumb is not a natural trait. Anyone can develop it!