Less Fuss with Wireless: 4 Areas That Benefit From NFC

Man paying with smartphoneWhat is amazing about today’s technologies is we now have a lot of things done wirelessly. Of course, this was done through the slow but steady development, from infrared to Bluetooth and now, NFC. Near-field communication (NFC) is a process wherein two electronic devices connect with one another. This allows files to be transferred, payments to be made, and a lot more. Here is a detailed look at devices and procedures that use NFC:

Industrial Workplaces

As nfcdirect.co.uk and other experts explain, near-field communication helps managers keep track of equipment used in the site or the number of employees present. This can be done by having the site managers carry a mobile device that is NFC-enabled.

Public Transport

NFC is also used in public transport as a ticketing method. Vehicle drivers can secure some NFC-enabled cards, which they could then tap on an NFC device at a tollgate. The tollgate interprets this as a ticket, which then lets the drivers through.


A common challenge in hospitals is managing the number of beds available for patients in emergency situations. Now, NFC devices can let hospital personnel oversee the number of beds available without having to check each room or ward physically.


At home, NFC can act as a personal assistant. Electronic appliances such as fans, lights, locks, or sound systems can be configured to react to commands from an NFC device. This device could be the phone of the homeowner, which means he or she could turn on these appliances with just a click.

Retail Shops

Retail shops also benefit from NFC because it enables them to do a cashless payment system. Instead of physically handing over coins or bills, customers could just pay by placing their NFC-enabled devices or phones by the NFC device in the store.

Our world today is starting to see more of its processes done with near-field communication. This includes cashless payments, ticketing for tollways, or smart homes. One can say that people get less fuss with wireless, as NFC has shown.