Learning About the Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening You are convinced having whiter teeth will boost your confidence tenfold. A few appointments with your local dentist for bleaching will help you achieve this goal. Or, you may avail of whitening products from the local pharmacy. Power bleaching gives you whiter teeth for a year or more if you follow your dentist’s recommendations about lifestyle modifications.

However, before you start with any treatment, consider the following precautions. After all, whitening treatments have associated risks.

Whitening Under Supervision to Lower Associated Risks

Tooth discolouration is brought about by colour molecules. Whitening agents have the capacity to break down these molecules and lighten the shade of teeth from the inside out. The bleaching agents used in dental clinics and available from pharmacies all over New Zealand are quite safe to use since they have no effect on bonding materials and fillings.

Studies have revealed that bleaching agents such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are indeed safe when used in the right concentrations. This is ensured if you undergo tooth whitening under supervision from a licenced dentist. Peroxide can inflame the gums if used in high concentrations.

Tooth Sensitivity and Other Side Effects of Bleaching

If you ask about the possible side effects of teeth whitening, Tauranga-based dentists will definitely mention sensitivity. During the course of bleaching your teeth, you may experience increased sensitivity of the pulp chamber, which leads to discomfort while chewing food. Some people had to put up with this for three months, although it usually lasts for a few days. Other possible side effects are uneven whiteness and gum irritation.

Shade Rebound

In some cases, people who undergo power bleaching experience “shade rebound” after a week or two. This may be due to the increased vulnerability of teeth to staining. Power bleaching removes the pellicle of the teeth. Without this protective layer, your teeth may stain more readily. As such, post-power bleaching tooth care should be followed religiously.

Your teeth have huge potential to lighten a few shades. Learn about the different procedures and possible side effects before you undergo bleaching.