Common Dental and Oral Emergencies

Oral Health

Oral Health in United StatesDental emergencies usually occur due to direct injury to the mouth from vehicular accidents, fist-fights, sports, and work-related trauma. This may lead to complete tooth avulsion, gum ulceration, and cheek lacerations. When the impact of force is too extensive, it may result in fracture of the surrounding maxillary and mandibular bones. When a dental emergency occurs, visit your dentist right away.

Tooth Avulsion

When tooth is avulsed, the bony structure completely separates from its attachment to the gums. This may lead to extensive bleeding, hematoma, contamination, and infection when left untreated. It may also result in permanent displacement of the tooth from its socket. Immediate dental visit is necessary to control the damage and increase the chances of bone reattachment. mentions a South Bend family dentist may perform prompt replantation to minimize risks and complications.

Tooth Dislodgement

Tooth dislodgement is a dental emergency because deep nerve and vessel damage may be present in the affected tooth. The extruded tooth also has loose attachment to the socket, which may cause extreme pain and discomfort in the oral region.

Maxillofacial Fractures

Fractures result from high impact forces that overpower the tolerable amount of force of supportive bony structures of the face. Maxillary and mandibular fractures require immediate intervention by dentists and maxillofacial surgeons. Since the lower face and neck house the airway, fractured bones may occlude respiration and cause compression of nerves that control breathing. In addition, facial fractures may cause irreversible mastication difficulties, swallowing impairment, and lower face numbness.

Tooth Fractures

Dental fractures are often present along with other injuries to the oral cavity. These also require emergency treatment because early management promotes tooth survival. A dentist may also assess which teeth can be treated through composite restoration.

Dental emergencies require immediate intervention to prevent major damage to teeth and oral cavity. It is essential to seek help from a dentist who can perform various techniques to preserve your teeth.