Is the Bark Worse than the Bite? When to Worry About Back Pain

female person suffers from backacheExperts say the “bark” of back pain is usually significantly worse than its bite. There are, however, cases wherein back pain has alarming causes.

It could, for instance, signal an autoimmune disease or spinal cord damage. There are ways to tell whether the pain on your back calls for serious attention, but it’s always best to get the advice of back pain care specialists such as those who offer the BackForever treatment program.

Here’s a guide to back pain symptoms that you can go over with your doctor:

Fever with an Increasing Back Pain

If one’s immune system is compromised, infections in the spine can arise gradually. Fever can be a sign of infection, and when the back pain occurs with a sustained fever, it’s best to visit a doctor to for a spinal infection evaluation.

Spinal infections tend to cause an epidural abscess or a deep, pus-filled pocket around the spinal dural sac. When the abscess presses on nerve structures, it can impair motor skills and even result in paralysis.

Unexplained Weight Loss with Neurological Impairment

When the back pain occurs with a major (more than five pounds per week, for a couple of weeks) and unintended weight loss, the culprit could be a serious medical condition such as cancer.

On top of simultaneous weight loss and pain, neurological problems may also indicate a type of spinal tumor. If you suddenly feel weakness or numbness in the arms, legs, fingers, or toes as well as a change in your bowel or bladder habits, it’s best to consult with a doctor.

Unless severe, sudden, and triggered by a previous occurrence or an existing condition, back pain is usually nothing alarming, and it tends to go away on its own. “Muscle knots” or trigger points are also common, and while these can get extremely painful, they do not pose any real health threat.

However, seeking the opinion of a specialist not only helps you eliminate the pain before it worsens, but it also helps keep the condition from developing into a severe illness.