4 Sure Tips to Get Your Fridge to Last Forever

Refrigerator in a kitchen

Refrigerator in a kitchenWhen an appliance makes you a thousand bucks lighter, you want to hold on to it for as long as you can.  That’s what a good refrigerator will cost you, and with just enough care, you can keep it running efficiently long past its warranty. Here are four ways to maintain your fridge for long.

Call only professionals for repairs

Cleaning your refrigerator is easy enough. However, when something breaks inside your appliance, it’s not advisable to make fixing it a DIY project, unless you are certified to do so. Have a refrigerator repair contractor in Millcreek do it instead. This way, you are assured of a top quality job.

Don’t place it near the stove

Keeping your refrigerator near a heat source makes the motor work harder to keep temperatures inside it low. If the motor has to work overtime, then expect it to die early. If you use the garage for entertaining, it’s also advisable that you move the refrigerator away during the summer as garages tend to get extremely hot.

Don’t use the top for storage

Many people love to store baskets, cereal boxes and other containers on top of their fridges. Keeping the top of the refrigerator full keeps warm air trapped inside, which means that the motor must work extra hard to keep food cold. Overworking results in overheating, which shortens the lifecycle of the motor.

Set the right temperature

Again, you don’t need to make your fridge work harder than it should by setting too low temperatures. The fridge is okay at temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below, while zero degrees Fahrenheit should do just fine for your freezer.

The great thing with refrigerators is that they’re usually not as troublesome as some other appliances can be. And with just the right care, you can get the fridge to last a lifetime.