Ways to Improve Your Home Office for Less Money

home office

People have been taking home improvements seriously ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate experts point out that the rise of remote work is the reason behind the increasing popularity of DIY home upgrades. The long lockdowns have played a huge role in shifting everyone’s priorities.

The more time we spend at home, the more time we spend thinking about improving our living situation. People have less time for traveling and outdoor entertainment, urging them to tackle home upgrades to ease the boredom.

While others are putting their DIY skills to the test, some rely on the skills and expertise of general contractors and home improvement companies. This provides homeowners the peace of mind that their homes are in better hands.

But if there’s one thing people are focusing on, it would be creating their own office in their homes. Check out the internet, and you’ll find thousands of articles, designs, images of a home office that range from the most high-tech rooms to the sophisticated and expensive ones. While this is every remote worker’s dream, setting up a home office that looks like a magazine cover may seem impossible, especially if you have a limited budget.

If you’re one of them, worry no more! This article will talk about the cost-effective ways to set up a home office without breaking the bank. Follow the design tips below and create a home office most stylishly and practically.

Decorate with plants

Add life and color to your home office by including a handful of houseplants. Not all plants thrive in the outdoors. Some can grow indoors with minimal maintenance, such as snake plants, spider plants, pothos, air plants, Chinese evergreens, and coffee arabica. They don’t only serve as decoration, but studies have proven that plants have amazing benefits to well-being by reducing stress, easing tension, purifying air quality, and promoting a relaxed and happy ambiance.

Having plants in your home office will help you work better through enhanced creativity, heightened attention, and improved concentration. Not only that, plants are an effective way to rest your eyes when taking screen breaks. Gaze at your little greenery for a few minutes to ease eye pressure.

Try DIY furniture or shop for bargains

Put your DIY skills to the test by creating your office furniture. You don’t need to go to the mall and buy a modern furniture set. You can restyle the existing ones at home by sanding the edges and applying fresh paint. You can use practical materials to build shelves, cabinets, and filing systems if you know a bit about carpentry. The key is to add your twist and personal style.

Another option is to visit antique stores, flea markets, or thrift shops. These stores sell a variety of furniture in different shapes and sizes, all for a cheaper price. Most people tend to get rid of their bulky desks and bookshelves, and these stores offer a great selection of them, including vintage ones! You can also check out online stores and furniture discounts.

Think eco-friendly

Considering the energy efficiency of your home office will help you cut down costs on electricity, digital devices, and other office supplies. For example, decide whether stationery papers or digital notetaking is the most cost-efficient. If you have tons of unused notebooks in the drawer, you might as well use them.

For digital devices, consider the dimension, outlet location, and room layout before buying new electronics. You should also check the warranty to save on repairs. If possible, look for computers and appliances with energy-saving features. When buying a new digital device, identify your specific reason for the purchase. If you’re buying one for the sake of buying something new, then it might be practical to put off the purchase.

A great tip is to find multifunctional devices. One example is an all-in-one printer and scanner. As much as possible, look for options that allow you to condense the cost, function, and space into one piece of equipment.

Be creative with the decor

Use your art skills to decorate your space instead of buying new decors. You can try creating a gallery wall by showing off your favorite photos in quirky frame sizes. Another way is to paint a simple mural using light paint colors.

You can also look for storage organizers that double as decors. Look online, and you’ll get many ideas on how to design and decorate storage solutions.

Setting up a home office that is comfortable, stylish, and conducive to work shouldn’t be expensive. All you need is to know which aspects can spark inspiration and productivity. After all, you need a functional home office and not something carved out from a magazine. So follow our steps above and enjoy your budget-friendly home office!