Bring New Patients with the Right Strategy


Using the proper dental patient marketing is worthwhile. It helps attract new patients and strengthens connections with existing ones. If your goal is to grow your dental business, you should use the right marketing strategies. It’s pretty challenging to determine which methods to use for your practice. For other practices, combining a few techniques will provide them with satisfying outcomes.

If you’re unsure where to start, here’s a guide you can refer to:

Build a Bond With the Community

By nature, dental practices are locally-owned companies that heavily rely on the local region to provide patients. You should be able to resonate with the community. Build a bond with local patients by sponsoring a free dental checkup or attending charity events, allowing you to build connections in person.

You can also visit the local schools to teach children about personal hygiene. It’ll work as your foundation for improving how the community will view your business, giving you a few chances of engaging in direct and word-of-mouth marketing.

Invest Your Money in Local SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for related terms will help an orthodontics and dental retainer laboratory, but local keywords best attract local patients. If attracting new patients is your goal, you should be investing your resources in local SEO. That means that you’ll have to rank for terms that fit your local community.

For example, you can use “dental retainers in Chicago.” It’ll help you attract patients looking for these services and give you an edge in voice search. That’s due to the number of customers that wish to find a dentist near their area.

Deliver Mailed Offers or Postcards

Dental practices depend on local customers. If your objective is to gain new patients, you can also send out mailed offers or postcards. You can send out brochures that teach them about oral hygiene or preventive measures. In addition, you can also use other strategies designed for high-value potential customers, including:

Giving new residents a welcome packet that contains flyers and discounts. That’s because they’ll need someone who can take care of their oral hygiene needs. Delivering brochures about cosmetic procedures to high-value customers, where they’re more likely to have the financial resources for these surgeries

Email Marketing Like Newsletters

Newsletters are one of the best types of email marketing. You can use this strategy if you want the potential customers to initiate the contact instead of wishing they’d visit the office. Newsletters must contain valuable information that will pique the audience’s interest. That’s because if they don’t find them interesting, you’re wasting their time.

Be mindful, though, in sending newsletters. You shouldn’t do it daily because they might direct your newsletter to their spam folders. Or, you can give your patients the option to subscribe to monthly offers. In short, your potential patients will be more interested in what your office has to offer if your newsletters contain valuable information.

Use Remarketing Campaign Ideas

Remarketing will help you reach out to your existing customers and try to get them to act. For example, you can use this strategy to connect with patients who visited your site but didn’t turn into a customer. Or to aid them in setting an appointment.

Remarketing is also helpful if you’re promoting new cosmetic procedures or products to existing customers. Facebook Ads is one of the platforms that can help with this. That’s because you retarget based on your latest activity and choose custom audiences.

Using the Latest Trend/Innovation

You shouldn’t stop staying in touch with your old customers. Maintain what you have with them because that will be helpful in the future. Giving them important appointment reminders or notifications to set an appointment for their follow-ups is another excellent means to engage with them.

It’s another technique that will teach you about what the community needs. You can also send out newsletters, postcards, text messages, or call them. Most practices mix physical reminders with digital ones, like sending out a postcard with an email.

Building a User-Friendly Website

Because people are more and more dependent on their electronic devices, their instinct is to look for the clinic’s website. Therefore, your website should make an excellent first impression. It should be full of valuable information to help patients, optimized for a customer experience, and look organized and professional.

Learn about your competitors to determine what you can do to gain an advantage. That might also help you determine what you can offer that’s different from theirs. Educate yourself and use that expertise to connect with your patients on the platforms they’re using. Or optimize keywords you think they’d be highly interested in.

Lastly, use the right combination that works best for your clinic and patient.