How to Shield Your Kid From Increasing Incidents of Bullying

big kids bullying small kid

As a parent, it’s hard to see your child go to school every day fearing that they will get bullied. Your automatic response is to protect your kid from the people who are scrutinizing him. But what can you when he’s at school, and there’s no one to defend him?

Primary school kids experienced bullying

News Talk ZB says that 47% of kids in primary schools have experienced some form of bullying at one point or another. It’s only a reflection of how massive bullying problem has become over the years. What makes it even worse is that bullying goes beyond the vicinity of the school ground.

Kids can also experience cyberbullying. Trouble often starts with simple disagreements. Then, it’ll escalate from taunting to even violence. Although going to a middle school here in Salt Lake City is a great experience, you can’t be with your kid all the time.

But you can help him how to get through the situation and get back stronger.

Step up and get involved

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Although you’re not always with him every second of his school life, you’ll know when he’s getting bullied the moment that you see it. One that happens, it’s time for you to start an anti-bullying initiative. The Washington Post says that you can talk to the teachers, other parents and the school faculty.

Speak up and start a conversation. You can even propose an anti-bullying campaign and get everyone involved. Expect that your kids won’t immediately open up to you the moment that you ask them. But it’s crucial that you be persistent about and continue to ask them questions.

You need to focus on listening instead of doing all the talking. You can go to his room sometimes and hang out with him. Make him feel that he can talk you anything and that you’re always there to listen. If you feel like your child is having a hard time opening up about it, then try to help him find a group that he can meet up after school or during the weekend.

Helping him find the right support group can help him bond with other kids who have similar interests. You may also want to coordinate with the school administration for ideas. Getting him into the right support group will make him spend less time with people that make him feel unwanted.

It may take a while before you realize it, but trust that your kid will be okay. You may make mistakes along the way, and it’s crucial that you keep going. It’s a fierce battle for your child. But if you’re there to intervene, then he’ll undoubtedly get through it.

Nobody must go through bullying at any point in their lives. But it also doesn’t mean that you can be complacent about the idea, too. So, try to check on your kid from time to time. Notice if there are any changes with his behavior that can be alarming.

Your kids won’t tell you about it. But you’ll notice if there are any problems with the way that he acts at home.