How to Live Like a Hollywood Celebrity in Beverly Hills

The streets of Beverly Hills on a sunny day You don’t need an agent or a movie deal to start feeling like a star. All you need to do is to head to the famous Beverly Hills and make these places a part of your itinerary:

1. Beverly Wilshire

A Four Seasons Hotel, Beverly Wilshire catapulted to fame when it became the temporary ornate home in Pretty Woman. The movie had such a huge impact on the hotel’s business sale. As a matter of fact, the hotel now has an accommodation package designed after an iconic scene from the said movie. Purchase this package, and you can experience living in the Presidential Suite, shopping on Rodeo Drive, enjoying a shoeless picnic, and watching an opera. How fancy can it get?

2. Kybella

Celebrities look good because they work hard and spend money for it. The good news is you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to look like them. Just go to Kybella in Beverly Hills, one of the premier aesthetics center in the area, and choose among the many non-surgical aesthetic treatments it offers. Perhaps, you can start working on your acne scars with Kybella’s laser or IPL therapy. While you’re at it, you can relax, sleep, or listen to some beautiful music—pamper yourself even just for an hour.

3. Rodeo Drive

What’s a trip to Beverly Hills without shopping—or, if you’re on a tight budget—window-shopping? In this area, there’s no other place to go than Rodeo Drive!  Ogle at some of the world’s most luxurious shopping brands in rows upon rows of alleys. Plus, don’t forget to spot the expensive cars like Rolls-Royce while you’re there.

4. Virginia Robinson Gardens

Celebrities live in glorious homes, and you can try how it feels like when you go to the Virginia Robinson Gardens. Previously owned by the Robinson’s Department Store chain magnates, it hosted some of the most Hollywood’s lavish parties. Today, it still features five gorgeous gardens with various styles.

Are you ready to become a star? Don’t forget to include these on your to-do list once you reach Beverly Hills!