How to Keep Electronics Safe During a Flood

woman sitting on a chair in flooded kitchen interior

It’s already 2019 and we’ve come a long way in terms of technological advancements. Unfortunately, most electronics are still not waterproof and will get damaged during a flood.

In the United Kingdom, one in six homes in England are at risk of flooding according to the Rainbow International Restoration. Floods can put health and lives at risk, especially in places where there is a considerable risk of flooding every year. Most importantly, flooding can cause major damages in property, which are sometimes irreparable. You might end up looking for things such as emergency Trimble electronic repair parts or a new washing machine after a flood hits your area. How can you prepare?

Among the most significant damages that flooding can cause is water damage to electronics. Electronics are among the most valuable items that we have in the household. Unfortunately, when they get waterlogged, most are often bricked. To minimize the costly effects of a flood to our property, here are five tips on how to protect your electronics:

Back up data regularly

Losing a camera or a phone to a flood is costly and often tragic, but the priceless memories that are stored in it cannot be brought back or replaced. To prevent loss of data, make sure you create back-ups regularly. An efficient and easy way to back up your data is to have them on cloud storage, which can back up your data automatically. Consider digitizing photo albums as well, so you always have a copy of the pictures even if they are physically damaged during a flood.

Unplug everything if there’s a risk of flooding

When the water starts rising, make sure everything is unplugged. This is the first thing you should do to prevent possible electrocution when a current is running through the water. Shutting off the power completely is a necessary safety measure as well, just in case you cannot unplug every appliance and device on time.

Put electronics in waterproof containers

Is the forecast already looking bleak? Is there even a small chance of a flood occurring in your area? If so, don’t hesitate to start preparing your electronics in case the water does rise. Pack electronics in waterproof bags and put them in an airtight waterproof container. You can also do this for important documents and heirlooms that you can’t replace if they get water damaged.

Get a leak and flood sensor

If you live in an area that is frequented by floods, it pays to invest in a water leak and flood sensor. These sensors will send you an alert when they detect more water than usual, so you can start preparing.

Elevate electronics

modern computer gadgets - laptop, tablet and phone close up

If you have the time before a flood hits, move electronics and valuables to the upper floors. For large appliances, elevate them with wood or cement blocks or use a floodwall if they cannot be raised. But if you don’t have time to move everything around, just carry what you can.

Floods are among the most tragic natural disasters that can occur. Unfortunately, they happen more often than they should, so aside from protecting yourself and your family from a flood, these five tips should protect your valuable electronics, too.