How to Attract the Woman You Like

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So you’re head over heels to a girl you’ve met through a matchmaking agency in London. Initially, she doesn’t think of you as more than friends, but you’re determined to go deeper into the friend zone. Here are some tricks to sway her over:

1. Confidence is key

Accomplishing anything in life, such as attracting women, requires a great deal of confidence and self-worth. Girls are attracted to men who take the lead and shy away from guys who are timid and submissive. Remember that confidence is self-assurance, not arrogance, false bravery, or an overdeveloped ego. Your confidence makes you an “alpha male” whom every woman is looking for. If you are not consumed with your insecurities, you can pursue the girl you want without inhibition. The ultimate display of your masculinity is confidence. It creates a sense of safety, reliability, and strength, which women consider as the solid foundation of a lifelong relationship.

If you are like the other guys, you will find it challenging to be confident in front of the woman you like. To work on it, you have to put effort into your posture and appearance. Good posture is the ultimate confidence booster as it impacts how you perceive yourself and how others see you. If you often panic during a date, you have to practice talking with several girls to better yourself at breaking the ice and starting conversations.

2. Smell good


Most women say that a man’s scent is an essential factor in choosing their potential partner. Men are incredibly visual beings and are attracted to what they see: attractive body shapes and proportions, soft skin, and pretty faces. On the other hand, women are olfactory creatures, and they go crazy for a man’s scent. So if you want to attract your dream girl, you have to pay close attention to your smell. There is no mysterious alchemy in getting that ultimate male scent. You only have to maintain good hygiene: get a thorough shower, shampoo your hair, apply deodorant, wear clean and well-pressed clothes, and mind your feet. If you are going to use cologne, do not be overly generous in spraying it. One squirt on your wrist or neckline is enough.

3. Tickle her funny bone

Research reveals that laughing can seal the deal in a romantic connection. Women are more attracted to men with a good sense of humor. You might think you’re not funny, but the truth is you can make anyone laugh if you try. A recent study shows that the more effort you make to be funny, and the more laughter you get in response, the better are your chances of a long term romance. Humor is now becoming a universally recognized element of courtship. So if you want to stand a better chance of success with the girl you’re crazy about, it’s time to brush up your one-liners.

Confidence, a pleasant scent, and a cheerful disposition are potent weapons for seduction. By following these pointers, you can double your chances of getting and keeping the girl of your dreams.