Getting the Right Medical Tests After Your Accident

car accident

Getting into an accident does not always mean noticeable injuries. Sometimes, the damage is internal. That is why you must undergo immediate medical tests. If possible, undergo the following tests to be sure about your current physical condition.

Physical Exam

The simplest medical test a physician can do is a full physical exam. They will be using their eyes and hands to check your body for any potential injury. You will also undergo this if you have more visible injuries in your accident. That is to estimate how injured you are and what type of treatment you might need.

The physical exam is pretty important since your insurance company will most likely ask for one. The closer the examination to the time of the accident, the better. This ensures that the insurance company can’t point out that the injuries you suffered could have come from another incident.


For those with no physical injuries, the next step is an internal examination. The most obvious one is an x-ray. This is important because fractures are the most common injury during car accidents. Even micro-fractures can become worse if left unattended. Note that x-rays are mainly for bone injuries. This is why you still need more examinations through other means.

CT Scans

Computer topography covers the hole in x-rays. Instead of only taking pictures of bones, the CT scan uses x-rays to create 3D images. The problem is that CT scans use multiple X-rays to scan the body. People should not be exposed to too much radiation so you should get a single CT scan and have your doctor examine the results. You might need to drink a dye or something similar to create a contrast in the scan.



Ultrasound looks at your internals by using sound waves. Working like sonar, the returning sound waves can provide an image of your insides. This has been already proven in use with babies so it should be effective. The advantage of ultrasound is that it is completely real-time. This means your doctor might ask you to move around to see how your muscles and other organs react to movement.


A magnetic resonance imaging exam uses magnetic and radio waves to map out the insides of your body. This allows a look at soft tissue and the brain. Though many are familiar with the lying down version, there are also medical centers that offer upright MRI in London and other urban areas. This is great since some people are claustrophobic and the enclosed MRIs take around 20 minutes. If you have been stuck inside a crushed car, you don’t want to stay inside a cramped space for some time.

Many people who walk away from accidents don’t know it but they may have hidden injuries. You must learn about the damage early. That is why the tests above are important. Don’t miss out on any of them to be sure that you are completely healthy or whether you need immediate medical attention. They also help when you need to file lawsuits for insurance and compensation.