How the Pros do it: Five Tips for Healthy Garden Soil

Garden Soil in Western AustraliaEvery gardener should know about proper soil care. Healthy soil makes healthy garden, so it pays to make sure that your soil is at optimum condition to provide the necessary nutrients to your plants.
If you’re a beginner in gardening, you might need a little guidance. Here are some useful garden soil tips to help you get started.

1. Prepare early.

Planting a garden needs planning. Whether it’s a flower or vegetable garden, you need your bed to be filled with healthy, nutrient-rich soil before you even sow the seeds or transplant your seedlings. That is something that may take time to build, so prepare everything ahead.

2. Know your soil.

Take time to explore your garden soil. Check its colour and texture. For instance, a dark loamy soil is better than a grey one with a clay-like consistency. Dark soils often have more organic matter that’s healthy for garden plants while most grey soil is too water-saturated for gardens.

3. Use mulch.

Soil care doesn’t end after planting. Experts in care and maintenance of garden beds in Perth,, suggest mulching after planting to retain the moisture in the soil. It also helps prevent weeds. Put at least two inches of mulch over the bed. You can use straw, wood chips, or pine straw.

4. Water regularly.

Water plays an important role in keeping garden your soil and plants healthy. Water regularly, with the ideal amount for your crop or flowers. However, most flowers and vegetables would need one inch of water from rainfall or irrigation each week. The key is to keep your soil moist, but not soggy.

5. Apply fertilisers.

Some soil needs more nutrients depending on the requirements of your plant. When adding fertiliser on your garden bed, sprinkle it about six inches from the base of your plant to avoid burning the trunk, roots, and leaves. Water the bed after application so that your plants will absorb the nutrients.

Follow these tips for a great garden soil. Remember that the key to having lovelier blooms and better harvest is a fertile, well-watered, and mulched garden soil.