Aging Asbestos Roof? It’s Time to Get Rid Of It

Asbestos Roof

Asbestos Roof in PerthBack in the 1930s up to the 70s, asbestos was a very popular material used in the construction industry. From floors to walls to roofs, it was favoured for its exceptional fire resistant properties, durability and strength.

However, what many consumers did not know then was that this material they so preferred actually causes numerous diseases, with various cancers being some of the most dangerous.

Even left undisturbed, its mere presence already poses a hazard.

Although asbestos usually does not cause problems when undisturbed or in good condition, the fact that it’s in your home, up there in your roof, should already be a matter of concern.

Remember: Your roof is one of the biggest components of your property. And it is subjected to various environmental factors every second of the day. Asbestos from worn roofing can produce disease-causing particles.

Asbestos exposure, especially in the long run, can severely impact your health.

Once damaged or disturbed, your asbestos-containing roof will start releasing very small fibres that you and any other person can inhale. The lungs can entrap them, and these particles can stay inside your body for a long time.

WebMD says continued exposure results in different serious health problems, including asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, lung plaques and other respiratory-related difficulties.

Maintaining your roof can help, but getting rid of it is better.

Careful and proper maintenance of an asbestos roof is crucial to keeping it in great condition. However, there’s still the risk of severe weather conditions putting too much stress and pressure on it that can lead to it breaking down.

Rather than continue spending money on its care while you still feel worried, your best option is to just get it replaced. When doing that, Bower Roofing reminds that asbestos should be disposed of properly. Wrap it in plastic and use a bin, which your contractor may provide.

When removing asbestos roofs and installing replacements in Perth, be careful. You need special tools, equipment and knowledge to handle asbestos-containing materials safely.