Getting Pregnant in Your 30s: How You Can Increase Your Odds

pregnantThe moment you tie the knot, there’s no doubt everyone will bombard you with questions about having a baby. Have no worry, as many women have been there. If you’ve tried a few times to get pregnant but failed, that news is truly devastating for you and your husband. It feels like a punch that hit you in both belly and heart.

Trying to conceive in your 30s can be downright difficult, but that does not mean it’s impossible. As your biological clock is ticking, you need to arm yourself with the right information to increase the odds of having a baby. Let this article help you achieve that happy and healthy pregnancy.

Think Positively

Anyone who has suffered from infertility knows how painful it is. But don’t make your situation worse by dwelling in the past. Stress, worries, and negative thoughts can get in the way of your plan of getting pregnant. When you always think of bad things, you reduce your chances. This is the reason you should always think positively, read inspirational pregnancy blogs, and surround yourself with cheerful people. Control your emotional and physical health.

Monitor Your Ovulation

Another step you should take is to monitor your menstrual cycle, so you’ll know your most fertile time. Fortunately, a comprehensive pregnancy planning kit can help you achieve that. According to ConceivePlease, established to support couples start or extend a family, “understanding your menstrual cycle and knowing when you are at your most fertile time is important in optimising conception. Studies have shown how easy it is to guess the fertile time incorrectly. Monitoring your basal body temperature and the LH hormone surge in your urine can help pin point ovulation.”

Take Multivitamins

A healthy body is the key to healthy conception, so don’t forget to eat a baby-friendly diet and start a vitamin supplement. Healthcare professionals suggest taking those containing minerals, such as folic acid and iodine. This may help ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Having a baby in your 30s is challenging and overwhelming, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. With smart planning and right information, you can help yourself conceive smoothly.

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